Celebrating Christmas

Cindy Soto, Repoter

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Winter break is coming and that means so is Christmas! That also means time for cooking, decorating, food, gifts, and family. Though, what else do people do at Christmas? There are billions of people in the world who spend this particularly, special holiday uniquely. 

Many people have traditions like gathering with family, eating food, and giving each other gifts. Ivy Palomarez an eighth-grader said, “My family and I usually get together and make a bunch of food. After we eat, we played some games and we open presents at midnight.” This is an example of what people might do during Christmas.

  Odalys Victorio, an 8th grader, also has a similar way of celebrating Christmas. “I go over to my aunts and eat.” She says she goes over to help with the cooking and when she’s there she plays games, talks, and eats with the family. 

“My family and I get together and play games, watch movies, make cookies, and we open presents at midnight,” Chelsea Martinez, an eighth-grader, said. When giving each other gifts, people to do Secret Santa in which they are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift to. They also enjoy doing White – Elephant where amusing gifts are exchanged randomly and people choose to keep or take away another gift.

Families may also like to enjoy playing games with one another at Christmas. “One game that we play is monopoly, Jenga, tag, hide and seek,” Palomarez said. There are also many other ways families can spend time with each other at Christmas. 

For example, they can construct and decorate a gingerbread house together. “We play connect 4, bean bag toss, and tic-tac-toe,” Martinez said. At Christmas, families who get together can also create their own games.  

Christmas Food

Another factor at Christmas is the food! There are several foods that people enjoy Christmas with their families. Some people might fancy cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate, maybe even some turkey. “Tamales, pozole, pie, cake, or cookies,” are some of the foods Palomarez eats during Christmas. 

Martinez said, “We eat pozole, cake, and cookies.” Others may favor ham, pie, mashed potato, or fruitcake as foods to eat with the family. “Chicken, rice, and yeast rolls,” are the foods that Victorio eats at Christmas, with her family.  


The Importance of Christmas

Families all around the world celebrate this particular holiday for many several reasons. “I celebrate Christmas because God was born on that day,” Ivy details. People might celebrate this holiday as a way for a get-together to honor Jesus for being born, or maybe as a way to be happy with family and share a great time. “It’s important to me because I spend time with my family,” Ivy tells. 

“It’s a time to be happy,” Odalys describes. Some families even have traditions during Christmas! “We have a baby Jesus in a basket and we put him on a counter with a cross and candle next to him,” for example, as Chelsea Martinez explains. Christmas is such a beautiful holiday that many families and people appreciate for all the right reasons.