Vex Competition

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Vex Competition

Griselda Zavaleta, Feature Editor

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The VEX Competition is when students from different schools compete with using robotics skills and robots. There are four different MACES groups competing against different schools in the VEX Competition. Now to participate in the competition, a team made up of five to seven people max. The robotics competition for October, November, December, and January takes place here at MACES. This Friday, December 13 at MACES is the third VEX Competition. 


One team, The Girls and Them… are made up of four girls and two boys. Natalia Hernandez, Siboney Sarmiento, Cassandra Grimaldo, Ashley Perez, Osvaldo Orozco, and Ashle Sanchez, here is a team of 8th graders who participate in the VEX Competition (Squared Away).


Hernandez said, “You have three to four weeks to build or do touch-ups on your robot.” Hernandez said that “now you usually have three to four weeks but it all really depends on the competition.” In these three to four weeks, students will be building their robot and code what the robot is going to be doing during the competition. Finally, Hernandez said, “after these 3-4 weeks you will enter your robot in the competition,” Hernandez said.


As for meeting times and more Grimaldo has some information. “We meet every Wednesday from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. The place we meet is the robotics room 3-104,” said Grimaldo. So with them meeting these many amounts of times, this is where they are able to work as a team for the competition. “With this in mind, this is where we have time to build our robots and come up with ideas as a team to work for the competition come up,” Grimaldo.


Later, Orozco and Sarmiento will state the four main things to say about building your robot. “Now one of the things you build your robot is a lego-like piece,” said Orozco.  Lego-like pieces mean like lego gears but they are larger and more efficient. “You also use the brain and battery. Now the brain is where your code what the robot does,” Sarmiento said. Now when students are doing the robot there is a long process and very important materials. Finally, “students will use the wires which are connected to the brain,” said Orozco. 


Mr.Sarmiento has some rules on the VEX Competition (Squared away). “ Now there are two different parts of the VEX game Squared away,” Sarmiento said. 


Two different parts mean two different games in one competition. “One of the games involves you to drive the robot. The rules are there are two different teams. Each team has its own robot and they have one minute to score points before the time is up. The last rule for this game would be your robot has to be 11 in width, 19 in length and 15 in height. Now how you play the games is you have to move the squared platform to it designated which be either four corners,” Sarmiento said.


Then, Mr. Sarmeinto has the second part of the VEX game Squared Away. “This part is consists of the team to code and not driving,” said Sarmiento.  So by having two different parts to the game means that students have to have two different perspectives of the games.“ Now all rules apply except for the driving part. Now January is where they decide who would compete in the next level which is state competition,” said Sarmiento.

Now here was the Grils and Them, also Mr.Sarmiento saying some information about 2019-2020 VEX Competition. To learn more about the VEX Competition click VEX Competition.