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  • LAUSD High School Sports Paused for Return Until Further Notice.
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VACCINATION FEAR- As vaccines begin to be administered, some people are deciding to opt-out of receiving it. Some people fear that it will infect them with coronavirus or are afraid of the side effects. However, in order to get out of this pandemic, a large number of the population must get fully vaccinated.“We should look to get rid of these viruses rather than spread them” Mr. Nolasco said.
Vaccines should be made mandatory
Gustavo Morales, Online Editor • March 14, 2021

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic started and the vaccines are finally starting to roll-out for the general public. The question is:...

THE RETURN OF SPORTS- CIF and LAUSD have approved the return of high school sports. Mr.Gomez, MACES Athletic Director, explains how sports practices will be conducted and gives insight to some frequently asked questions.
Return of Sports Q&A with MACES Athletic Director Mr.Gomez
Melissa Ponce, Editor in Chief of Design • March 9, 2021
A DIFFERENT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP-As the one year mark of living with Covid-19 comes near, Valentines Day is coming to pass. The question has to be asked, how have students and their relationships been affected by the pandemic? “Normally a relationship is like hanging out with your close friend all the time. However now it’s sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance ...” Victor Moreneo, a senior, said.
Risky Relationships
Andres Flores, Features Editor • February 14, 2021
The spread of the coronavirus has changed students’ daily routines, yet, it has also helped some develop news interests and hobbies. “I found out I like anime. Lately I’ve been watching shows back to back,” Katelyn Chacon said
What COVID has been like this Year in MACES
David Lopez Jr., Reporter • December 24, 2020
COVID-19 Vaccine- After a sluggish nine months of quarantine, Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine was approved by the FDA. Healthcare workers will be the first to receive the vaccination. “This is a great first step towards ending the pandemic,” Lisandra Navarro, biology teacher, said.
A Breakdown: Pfizer Vaccine Approved and on the Market
Andres Flores, Features editor • December 16, 2020
A DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE- Due to Covid-19 it has been a difficult year when it comes to social interactions. Due to this, everyone awaits a cure for this deadly virus. "I would gladly take the vaccine..." Maria Pulido, a parent of 4 said.
To Poke or not To Poke that is the Question
Kimberly Sanchez November 30, 2020
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DIGITAL LEARNING-  Students all across the nation are stuck at home during the pandemic. Distance learning has led to increased levels of burnout from students. "I have felt burned out, normally right after my last class," Hector Cardenas said.
Digital burnout
Andres Flores, Features editor • October 22, 2020