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Calling All Gamers! Which Games Are On The Wish List?

Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 15, 2021

 The holidays are an amazing time to get together with your friends and family. Making hot cocoa, making memories and playing games. But in this day and age, the games have become less physical and more...

Midnight Train to MACES

Midnight Train to MACES

Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor November 3, 2021

It has been two years since the last homecoming dance, and this year’s dance was a huge and successful homecoming. This is all due to the MACES leadership team. Creating and making this dance possible. Katelyn...

Illustration By Joshua Zuniga

Thoughts on Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ MACES Responds…

Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 3, 2021

“Time. Space. Reality. It’s more than a linear path. It’s a prism of endless possibility, where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternate worlds from the ones you...

MACES, HOME TO TALENTED STUDENTS - Through it’s first four years MACES’ students have indeed proved they “Got Talent!”  “In band, my biggest inspiration is the band director and music teacher herself, Ms. Rincon. Other than being an amazing music teacher and band director, she is a great person,” Elizabeth Arroyo, a junior said.

MACES’ Got Talent

Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor June 7, 2021

Talent comes in many shapes and forms. Different types of art like music and drawing are a way for people to express themselves. Through it’s first four years MACES’ students have indeed proved they...

 FLOWERS AND PLANTS FOR THE SUMMER- Andrew Lopez, a junior, grew marigolds this year. He plans on planting more flowers in the near future. At the moment Im really unsure of what I could plant next. Im thinking of a different color variant or marigolds or even roses at some point, but at a certain month so they bloom before valentines, Lopez said.

Some Summer Plans from the MACES Familia

David Lopez Jr., Reporter June 3, 2021

Summer, the time when schools end their year, and students, teachers, and families get to enjoy a two-month break. Students want to invest their time into preparing for the next school year, and some want...

COLE UNDER PRESSURE MAKES DIAMONDS- J. Cole, an American rapper, recently dropped his The Off-Season album—a project he’s been working on for years now. “This album definitely lives up to the hype people have been giving it,” Brandon Garcia, a senior, said.

Fans praise J. Cole’s The Off-Season album: A (not-so-unbiased) review

Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content May 28, 2021

American rapper Jermaine Lamarr Cole—better known as J. Cole—recently dropped his The Off-Season album on May 14. As stated by the hip-hop artist himself, the project took years to finalize.  “He’s...

Players switching sides-As some players begin to be getting lazy they are now paying for in game purchases to get them ahead. “This may be a method that lets them get ahead but it ruins the learning part of the game and ends up affecting others.” said Ezequiel Brito, a senior”

Video games require in game purchases, and it’s not fair

Steven Hernandez, News Editor May 12, 2021

The topic of debate among competitive players is if pay-to-win is fair. A pay-to-win player pays for in-game items that can either boost their stats above others or shorten the time needed to advance days...

HOW FANS RELATE TO STAR WARS - The Star Wars series is filled with entertaining moments, and as entertaining as it may be, one fan takes it to another level. “I also truly believe that there is good in everyone (as shown by Darth Vader), which is how I approach looking at my students and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves,” Agustin Sarmiento, a computer science teacher, said.

May the 4th: Star Wars Day

David Lopez Jr., Reporter May 4, 2021

May the 4th is known as Star Wars day. To many people, this day may just be another day on the calendar. But to a large fanbase of Star Wars fans, coming from all parts of the world, this day means a lot...

ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK- It is no secret that Hollywood’s coming-of-age movies often negate the stories of BIPOC, queer, and non-disabled teen adolescence. “That’s what blows my mind about Hollywood… they’re still afraid to tackle those issues,” Ms. Perfecto, a chemistry and physics teacher, said.

Dear Hollywood: Please do better

Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content April 29, 2021

From Sixteen Candles to Lady Bird, coming-of-age movies have been around for decades. However, the depiction of teen life Hollywood has painted over the past decades fails to portray the adolescence of...

MOVIE MOTIVATION  - March is Women’s History Month, but with quarantine restrictions, it’s best to celebrate from home. There are many movies about women that can not only inspire, but make one feel seen. “Movies that feature strong women are important because they can inspire and motivate other women to pursue their dreams,” Elissa Ramos, senior, said.

Ten movies that actually empower women

March 23, 2021

By Kelly Avila  March is National Women’s History Month and there are many movies made about women that follow stereotypes that negatively portray women. In the media, it is important for women to...

WHY PEOPLE CANT GET ENOUGH OF MARIO - Super Mario has been competing and succeeding for so long that old and new gamers always come back just to grab the controller and play again. I know that thereve been a lot of new games with Mario involved, but I always go back to the original ones. To me theyre just way more fun, despite all these new characters and new editions...the originals are the best, Mr. Marquez said

National Mario Day

David Lopez Jr., Reporter March 11, 2021

Over many years, video games have come a long way, and many memorable characters have crossed the paths of many gamers. From Sonic the Hedgehog, to Donkey Kong, to Link from the Legend of Zelda games,...

BLACK HISTORY MONTH APPRECIATION - Pictured above is Ms. Shannon, assistant plant manager at MACES.  Black History Month reminds her of the ancestors who came before her, but most of all, it reminds her of her courageous and humble parents. “Those are the influences in my life because they taught me to love, respect, know from right and wrong, and how to accomplish or get through different situations, the struggling situations...They always taught me to bounce back” Ms. Shannon said.

The Importance of Black History Month at MACES

David López Jr., Reporter February 17, 2021

In America, February is celebrated for Black History Month, a month where inspiring, courageous, and determined Black Americans are recognized for their greatness and success in fighting for equality for...

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