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Kelly Avila
As an opinion editor for the Wolfpack Times, and Junior at MACES, Kelly Avila has explored her interests in wirting throughout the years .Writing has always been a great passion of hers- from silly fanfictions to school-assignment essays. Avila especially loves to read fiction like City of Thieves by David Benioff, or true horror stories. She believes that the stories she enjoys reading have had an impact on the way she writes her fictous worlds, filled with witches, dystopian laws, angry civilians… Again and again, she is reminded of her love for writing and completing things she knows people will enjoy. After hours of slaving away at an essay or a story, when someone reads it they genuinely enjoys it, there’s a never-ending feeling of pure bliss at the thought of someone having enjoyed her work.

She was born January 15th and shares her birthday with Martin Luther King Jr. (among other celebrities). One of her favorite celebrities is Quentin Tarantino because she believes his films are a work of art both in the cinemetography and the writing. Tarantino has had a great influence on the way she sees movies and how she writes. Music is also a big influence on Avila’s life. She listens to a vast amount of genres, from soft slow classical piano, to classic rock. 

Kelly Avila, Opinion Editor

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Kelly Avila