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Mr. Dhall, the new social studies teacher, makes the environment in Zoom meetings fun and energetic. He provides new perspectives and insight despite the barriers of online learning. “Distance learning is restrictive, but he overcomes it to the best of his abilities. Mr. Dhall’s classes are not a bore to be in. Plus, he's pretty funny,” Luis Lopez, a senior, said.

Mr. Dhall: The Furthest from Dull

Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor
December 28, 2020
HISTORY UNVEILED- Thanksgiving is not the fun tale many American kids believe it to be. There is a complicated history that gets shortened and glorified for the sake of selling the image that Thanksgiving has always been a lighthearted holiday with a simple and happy past. “I learned later in life the real history is much more heartbreaking for the indigenous people of the Americas,” Ms.Hanson, an art teacher, said.

Thanksgiving History, with Detail

Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor
November 26, 2020
Money and Our Officers: With the increase in protests all throughout the U.S following George Floyd's death, there was a rise in demands to defund the police. Funding towards officers should be allocated to community organizations and into community reparations. “The best solution would be to decrease the police funds and make them rebuild the system,” said Lara, a senior.

Defund the Police Doesn’t Mean Abolish it

Kelly Avila, Opinion Editor
October 6, 2020
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