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Mario Kart- One of the games that members compete in.


Angelina Meneses, Arts & Entertainment Editor
March 4, 2022

Calling All Gamers! Which Games Are On The Wish List?

Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor
December 15, 2021
WHY PEOPLE CANT GET ENOUGH OF MARIO - Super Mario has been competing and succeeding for so long that old and new gamers always come back just to grab the controller and play again. I know that thereve been a lot of new games with Mario involved, but I always go back to the original ones. To me theyre just way more fun, despite all these new characters and new editions...the originals are the best, Mr. Marquez said

National Mario Day

David Lopez Jr., Reporter
March 11, 2021
POV- You are a crewmate and you have to figure out who the imposter is. Use those detective skills to sniff out the imposter in the video game Among Us.

Game Review: Among Us

Ashley Ramirez, Reporter
October 29, 2020
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