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Wolfpack Familia Wants more Uniform Options
Jeffrey Figueroa, Reporter • June 8, 2022

        Wolfpack staff and students would like to have an expansion of more clothing at the student store at MACES. Fellow staff...

The Safety of Students
The Safety of Students
Aileen Garcia, Reporter • June 8, 2022
Illustration by Yonatzin Zarate
How has social media changed you?
Yonatzin Zarate, Reporter • November 3, 2021
Illustration by Sherlyn Pulido
Thoughts on Halloween costumes
Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor • November 3, 2021
Illustration By Eliana Perez
Should we go trick or treating this year?
Aylin Herrera, Social Media Editor • November 2, 2021
STRESSED OUT - Students taking challenging classes struggle, and being online only amplifies these struggles. Teachers are also trying to adapt and help students despite distance learning. “Students were incredibly resilient and I am so proud of them. Taking any course online is tough- let alone a college level class,” Ms. Navarro, a physiology and AP biology teacher, said.
Emotions run high in AP English Literature,
June 10, 2021
Summer 2021: A New Beginning
Summer 2021: A New Beginning
Kimberly Sanchez June 9, 2021