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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do we advertise on the Wolfpack Times website and/or newspaper?

If you are interested in advertising, please refer to this page.

  • Where can I find printed issues of the Wolfpack Times?

We distribute a certain amount of printed issues to each classroom every time we print out an issue. If your teacher ran out of copies, you can get copies of the current or past issues in Mr. Cottom’s classroom at Room 4-202, Second Floor, Building 4.

  • How do I become a part of the Wolfpack Times?

The Wolfpack Times is a Journalism class instructed by Mr. Cottom during 7th period. The class counts as a college preparatory course and can satisfy the G requirement of the A-G College Entrance Requirements. Contact your counselor to enroll in the class and be part of the Wolfpack Times.

If you cannot put Journalism in your schedule and still want to be part of Wolfpack Times, contact Mr. Cottom in Room 4-202, Second Floor, Building 4. We take in contributing writers and column writers for both the paper and the website.

  • Are there any prerequisites to be part of the Wolfpack Times?

We take students of all high school grade levels, and there is a Journalism 1 course for middle school students who want to be a part of the Wolfpack Times. There is no try-out process to be part of the Wolfpack Times, but there is an online application and we ask that you discuss with your counselor and Mr. Cottom about being part of the Wolfpack Times. After being enrolled in the class, we will help you with your writing, photography, or artistic skills. Don’t be intimidated and join if you are interested in writing, taking pictures or making art for the Wolfpack Times.

  • I have a story idea for the paper/I want to be featured in the paper. How do I contact the editors?

If you have any ideas for the paper, please contact us here.

  • How can I get my art in the Wolfpack Times?

We appreciate artists in the Wolfpack Times and we would love to feature your art in our printed and online publication. We will give appropriate credit for your art and you will be credited as a contributing artist. If you are interested, please contact us here or talk with any of the editors or Mr. Cottom’s in Room 4-202, Second Floor, Building 4. You can also visit our class during 7th period to see how the process works!

  • I believe that the Wolfpack Times has posted incorrect information. Who should I contact?

We strive for complete accuracy. If you believe we have misspelled a name, misquoted, or written any incorrect information, you can contact us here.

  • I posted a comment and it says that the comment is under review. What does this mean?

We appreciate all comments to incite discussions within the community. Comments, however, should remain appropriate and stay on-topic. Staff members review all comments before they are posted on the website. If the comment contains one of the following, it may not be posted.

  1. Foul language
  2. Hate speech
  3. Spam messages
  4. Incorrect information