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  • Percentage of people ages 16+ vaccinated in Maywood: 50.7% as of 5/16/2021
  • Vaccination Site at MACES: ages 12 and up with parent permission May 26 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Join all zoom classes, in order to be counted for attendance.
As the City of Bell aims to sell two major mobile home parks and displace hundreds of families, the mobile home residents fight back with organization, demonstration, meeting with council members, and even going as far as to create their own certified non-profit organization, known as the New Dawn of Bell Home Owner Association, in hopes that they could purchase the property themselves. As new developments begin to pop up, for example, Border X Brewery and Tesla charging stations which are located on Pine and Gage in the City of Bell, residents should begin to worry that their low-income and predominantly Hispanic neighborhood may soon be taken over by a new crowd. “...Los que vivimos aquí en las mobile homes...nos están discriminado, porque? Porque somos familias de bajo recursos. Aquí la mayoría somos hispanos, por eso, yo creo, [Those who live here in the mobile homes… they are discriminating us, why? Because we are low-income families. The majority of residents here are Hispanic, that
El Pueblo Primero: City of Bell residents pressure money-hungry council members to keep their homes
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • June 8, 2021

Over the course of many years, low-income cities in California have experienced rent increases due to new developments brought in by city council...