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Wolfpack varsity baseball captain Alejandro Soto posing for a picture
Field of Dreams Deferred
Emily Estrada, Boys Sports Editor • June 2, 2024

The Wolfpack Boys baseball team has worked countless hours towards their success in winning the Dennis Gilbert Tournament Championship despite...

Volleyball: Goals and achievements
Volleyball: Goals and achievements
Naylanie Caldera, News Editor • March 21, 2024
Smooth Save - Priscilla Anderson, a junior on the club, bumping on the court!
The Stars on court
Janice Pena March 20, 2024
Batting It OUT! - Senior Kayla Valgovimos in the batting cage with her coach Gallegos with an audience of younger onlookers observing.
Swinging into the New Season with Style
Janice Pena and Braden Kimbel Baltazar February 20, 2024
New year, New goals
New year, New goals
Naylanie Caldera, News Editor • February 15, 2024
Striker, Priscilla Enriquez, playing at a home game against Huntington Park.
Priscilla Enriquez and her Soccer Journey
Gisselle Miranda, News Editor • December 14, 2023
Baseball player at 7 in the morning during practice.
Baseball: Game of discipline
Naylanie Caldera, Online editor • December 12, 2023
Behind the scenes of managing a basketball game during halftime
Player of the Month Boys Basketball
Naylanie Caldera, Online Editor • December 11, 2023
Alyssa Maldonado practices shooting drills during practice.
A Season of Dedication
Emily Estrada, Girl's Sports Editor • November 17, 2023
I think every single person brings something new to a team with their skills and personalities. - Coach Perfecto
Jumping and Stunting through the Season
Emily Estrada, Girl's Sports Editor • October 28, 2023
Wolfpack Varsity Quarterback, Ali Saleh, makes a great catch before going head to head against players from Bosco Tech to complete a pass.
Photo of the Week: Wolfpack Quarterback Battles for Victory Against Bosco Tech
Emily Estrada, Girl's Sport Editor • October 23, 2023
Wrestlers Gather - Head coach Lopez giving talk with returners and new recruits
Wrestlers Grapple for Greatness
Jesus Barragan and Maximiliano Gonzalez October 23, 2023
[Soccer is a] good opportunity because it teaches you a lot of teamwork and discipline. 
- Melvin Cruz 11th grade
One Team, One Dream
Naylanie Caldera, Online editor • October 16, 2023
Ms.G's First Year Coaching
Emily Estrada, Photography Editor • May 30, 2023
Andres Angulo, Athlete of Month
Andres Angulo, Athlete of Month
Hector Mora, Girl Sports Editor • May 8, 2023
Seniors and Juniors playing the annual powderpuff game
Ready, Set, Flag!
Emily Estrada, Photography Editor • May 1, 2023
Maywood City Park baseball field closed due to flooding, causing delays in practice and games
Wolfpack Baseball Pitches New Season
Emily Estrada, Photography Editor • April 11, 2023
Softball teams third game.
Wolfpack Softball Unites for Season
Gisselle Miranda, Reporter • April 10, 2023
Angel Javier Jaime Ludwin ches practices his swings before starting at hole 1
First Swings Of The Season
Angel Javier Jaime, Video editor • April 10, 2023
Pulido and his teammates after an unfortunate loss against Bravo High School
Athlete of the Month: Enrique Pulido
Emily Estrada, Photography Editor • March 27, 2023
Girl basketball photostory
Girl basketball photostory
Heidi Lopez, Boy sports editor • February 16, 2023
Powder Puff Smackdown 
Powder Puff Smackdown 
Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor • February 16, 2023
Cheer Springs into Action
Cheer Springs into Action
Gisselle Miranda, Reporter • February 14, 2023
A night to remember
A night to remember
Angel Javier Jaime, Video Editor • February 14, 2023
Juniors vs. Staff Volleyball Game
Gisselle Miranda, Reporter • December 15, 2022
Maces Ready To Rumble
Maces Ready To Rumble
Angel Javier Jaime and Benjamin Ramirez December 15, 2022
Wolfpack Girls Basketball Trains for Victory
Wolfpack Girls Basketball Trains for Victory
Emily Estrada, Photography Editor • December 15, 2022
Arturo Figuroa’s makes goals on and off the field
Arturo Figuroa’s makes goals on and off the field
Heidi Lopez, Boy Sports Editor • December 14, 2022
Kellie Mena Takes First Place in CIF Los Angeles Cross Country Race
Kellie Mena Takes First Place in CIF Los Angeles Cross Country Race
Aileen Garcia, Social Media Manager • December 13, 2022
Dedicated Athlete, Osmin Guerrero
Dedicated Athlete, Osmin Guerrero
Aileen Garcia, Social Media Manager • November 29, 2022
Incoming Girl Wrestlers
Incoming Girl Wrestlers
Hector Mora, Girl Sports Editor • November 29, 2022