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Spring starts with Softball
Miranda Campos, Reporter/ A&E Assistant Editor • May 10, 2022

Softball season officially started with the Lady Wolfpack's first league game on March 21. The first game was a crushing loss, but the amazing...

HIT! At the CIF League Cheer Championships on March 17, 2022, the MACES Cheer team performed a pyramid. The competition was held in Bell High School. “It felt like it was just the team and the mat, I was focused on the performance more than the crowd and it just felt amazing to actually show what we had been practicing for.” Destiny Morales (middle flier) a sophomore on the cheer team says.
CIF League Championship Cheer Event
Camila Solis, Online Editor • April 7, 2022
MACES’s newest sport is wrestling
MACES’s newest sport is wrestling
Aylin Herrera, Social Media Editor • December 15, 2021
Graphic created by Joshua Zuniga
Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor • December 15, 2021
Eagles defeat the Wolfpack
Jefferey Figueroa, Reporter • December 15, 2021
Boys Basketball Tryouts
Boys Basketball Tryouts
Jefferey Figueroa, Reporter • November 3, 2021
While being the only girl on the team, she gives it her all.
The One and Only: Carola Martinez
Aileen Garcia, Reporter • November 3, 2021
THE PACK PLAYS ON- MACES boys basketball played their last home game of the season on June 3rd. Senior David Torres fires a three to close out the playoff win against Panorama.
Final thoughts on the 2020 - 2021 sports season
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • June 9, 2021

FIRST HOME GAME-Coach Ruiz rallies on the Wolfpack in there first home game in over a year
MACES Coaches' take on the 2021 athletic season
Andres Flores, Features Editor • May 12, 2021
BACK IN ACTION - Student athletes are back on the field and ready for a potential season. Football one of the first sports to come back is set to play season games soon.  “I’m very excited to be back, even if it’s just for one game,” Kevin Galvez, a senior football player, said.
A year later: Student-athletes return
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • March 25, 2021
A high school football game with one of the teams being MACES, which is taking place on a Friday night in Downtown Los Angeles.
Phrases only some sports understand
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • March 24, 2021
THE RETURN OF SPORTS- CIF and LAUSD have approved the return of high school sports. Mr.Gomez, MACES Athletic Director, explains how sports practices will be conducted and gives insight to some frequently asked questions.
Return of Sports Q&A with MACES Athletic Director Mr.Gomez
Melissa Ponce, Editor in Chief of Design • March 9, 2021
SUPER BOWL XLIII- The Super bowl this year has some different circumstances because of the pandemic, not as many parties, gatherings, and more. This year it is mostly celebrating the day with family.
Super Bowl Not So Party
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • February 12, 2021
A COMPLICATED DIRECTION - It has been almost a year since the last high school athletic events took place, and the future for the return of sports seems complicated.  “School districts, charter school organizations, and individual schools have the final say if they will permit sports with no students on campus…,¨ CIF Director, Dick Dornan, said.
School District has Final say on the Future of Athletics
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • December 18, 2020
FRIDAY NIGHTS LIGHTS OUT- On a typical Friday night, the football field would be illuminated. However, it has been seven months without any sports and over a year since the last Wolfpack home football game.
City Section Sports will not Resume in December
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • November 2, 2020
A post from the Dodgers on the night of their championship win. The Dodgers worked hard to make it to their 7th title after so many unsuccessful years.
Los Angeles Dodgers Win Championship After 32 Year Drought
David Lopez Jr., Reporter • October 30, 2020
Lakers star foward Anthony Davis holds 
larry o´brien trophey 

                                (via Anthony Davis´s instagram @antdavis23)
What the Lakers’ Championship Meant To the Wolfpack Family
David Lopez Jr. and Gabriel Dominguez October 28, 2020
CONTACT SPORTS POSTPONED- The empty MACES blacktop courts, amidst sports being postponed due to pandemic. This situation has caused unrest among many of the student athletes. “....I wholeheartedly want sports to return this year because these sports are an escape for a lot of people from the real world ....” Kevin Galvan, senior varsity football player, said.
High school contact sports postponed amidst corona virus pandemic - athletes speak up
Leslie Quintana, Social Media Editor • October 9, 2020
A GOAT IN THE BUBBLE- In his 17th year in the league LeBron James has been one of the most impactful players for his team.
Ballin' in the Bubble
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • October 8, 2020
The esports crowd from Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017
With Sports Delayed, Esports Rise
Enrique Galeana, A&E Editor • June 4, 2020
The Wolfpack football team hudles together in their season opener against Hawkins High..
Spring sports canceled, fall sports now in jeopordy
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • June 1, 2020
Soccer Stars- Left to Right, Andres Gonzalez, Jorge Irapan, Edwin Meza, and Jason Rubio
Soccer Stars Rise as Cif Announces All First and Second Southern League Team Selections
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • May 2, 2020
February athlete of the month
February athlete of the month
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • February 18, 2020
Signing Of: Jose Romero getting his paperwork in for golf.
No Puttering Around: Boys Golf in Need of More Players
Luis Tapias, Reporter • February 13, 2020
New Beginnings? MACES students practicing for new track and field team.
Running on the Track Field
Leslie Chang, Reporter • February 13, 2020
Knockout King
Knockout King
Kelly Avila, Opinion Editor • February 13, 2020
Wolfpack Soccer Season Kicks Off
Wolfpack Soccer Season Kicks Off
Emily Mojica, Managing Editor • December 28, 2019
Smackdown of the Century
Smackdown of the Century
Luis Tapias, Reporter • December 18, 2019
Girls’ Golf Team Tees off for its First Year
Girls’ Golf Team Tees off for its First Year
Luis Tapias, Reporter • September 28, 2019
Football players practice on and off the field
Football players practice on and off the field
Leslie Chang, Reporter • September 27, 2019
Girls Volleyball back in the hunt.
Girls Volleyball back in the hunt.
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • September 26, 2019