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CLASS OF 2022 LIFE GOALS - The next generation of students look to make changes in their communities, and in the world. “My next goal is to find purpose in my career and help people who have struggled or have grown up in similar communities to mine. No matter what I major in I want to be able to help communities,” Zuniga said.
The Class of 2022 Share Their Opinions For Their Senior Year
June 8, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, another senior class is about to graduate, and experience a new, and important, chapter in their...

SLOWLY BLOOMING - One out of the many talented young artists here at MACES talks about the artwork piece she’s most proud of. “In some ways, I like to think that we are all slowly blooming since most of us haven’t found the truest version of ourselves yet. It’s inspired me to paint a version of someone who is slowly but surely getting there,” Ana De Paz said.
Concept of art
Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor • May 10, 2022
Let Us Get Fortissimo!
Jaime Olguin, Reporter • May 3, 2022
What Goes on in the Dance Room?
What Goes on in the Dance Room?
Yonatzin Zarate, News Editor Assistant • March 9, 2022
Mario Kart- One of the games that members compete in.
Angelina Meneses, Arts & Entertainment Editor • March 4, 2022
Calling All Gamers! Which Games Are On The Wish List?
Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor • December 15, 2021
Midnight Train to MACES
Midnight Train to MACES
Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor • November 3, 2021