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  • Dance Recital on May 26 & May 27 from 6-8 pm
Ms. Shannon: The hidden gem in the Wolf den
Ms. Shannon: The hidden gem in the Wolf den
Miranda Campos, Arts and Entertainment Assistant Editor • March 5, 2022
ASB Treasurer Uriah Rodriguez alongside ASB Advisor Ms. Navarro working on plans for MaCES’s 5th year anniversary celebration. Photo by Itzia Corona
Ms. Navarro and the Leadership Class
Itzia Corona March 2, 2022
Ms. Sullivans First Year at MACES
Ms. Sullivan's First Year at MACES
Shazia Shah December 15, 2021
Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor
September 23, 2021
Meet the Teacher
December 15, 2021
Cesar was happy and enjoyed his time back on campus watching the football team get a huge win!
Welcome back to Campus Class of 2021!
Jacob Zamora, Features Editor • November 3, 2021
While being the only girl on the team, she gives it her all.
The One and Only: Carola Martinez
Aileen Garcia, Reporter • November 3, 2021