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Girls Build at the Academy Museum for the Barbie movie screening.
Girls Build: Raising Mental Health Awareness Through Video Production
Gisselle Miranda, Reporter • March 21, 2024

   On campus, many people are wondering what Girls Build is...

award winning arguments- Being that the tournoments is my favorite thing because its usually outside of school and in universities. We were able to go to USC and it was really fun, especially around people you really enjoy to be with - Chelsea Sanchez
Debate: New chapter
Naylanie Caldera, News • March 21, 2024
CALL IT SHELL SHOCK - Cracked and yolked out of its shell, an egg was found outside the 3rd building. The egg baby was tragically dropped from the 3rd floor by a student who will remain anonymous. Talk about “egg-stinct!”
Egg-cellent Caregivers in the Making
Emily Estrada, Boys Sports Editor • February 15, 2024
Academic Decathlete Angel Ramirez (right) and two Volunteers, Osvaldo Orozco and Karla Martinez, all seniors, await the arrival of the Huntington Park team.
Academic Decathlon Walks the Coals
Diego Perez, Managing Editor • December 10, 2023
Digital Illustration of Self-care club
Braden Kimbel Baltazar, Photo editor • December 9, 2023
AI-Generated image from Canva
Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Trends and Traditions of Prom Themes
Maximiliano Gonzalez, Social Media Editor • March 21, 2024

The prom is almost here and seniors are getting their clothes ready for the theme....

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Pricey Memories
Pricey Memories
Benjamin Ramirez, Brodcast Team • March 21, 2024
Kung Fu Panda 4 Review(Spoiler Free)
Kung Fu Panda 4 Review(Spoiler Free)
Erik Rojas, Opinion Editor • March 25, 2024

Skadoosh! The dragon warrior returns to the big screen with a fourth film for the first time in eight years. The new film is a fun and good movie...

Review: Gridiron Gang (2006 film)
Review: Gridiron Gang (2006 film)
Asucena Mendez, Arts & Entertainment Editor • March 21, 2024
Marco Magana in Uniform
Lalaney Payan February 15, 2024
Blending Old Wisdom with New Realities
Lalaney Payan and Angelie Perez February 15, 2024
Brianna Penaloza speaking at the music concert on December 6th before the performance commenced.
FaCES of MaCES: Brianna Penaloza
Emily Estrada, Girl's Sports Editor • December 15, 2023
A pile of passports belonging to Hans  and Sarah Wittner.
Shadow of a Lost Generation: The Wittner's exodus from Nazi Europe
Diego Perez, Managing Editor • October 23, 2023
Volleyball: Goals and achievements
Volleyball: Goals and achievements
Naylanie Caldera, News Editor • March 21, 2024
Smooth Save - Priscilla Anderson, a junior on the club, bumping on the court!
The Stars on court
Janice Pena March 20, 2024
Batting It OUT! - Senior Kayla Valgovimos in the batting cage with her coach Gallegos with an audience of younger onlookers observing.
Swinging into the New Season with Style
Janice Pena and Braden Kimbel Baltazar February 20, 2024
New year, New goals
New year, New goals
Naylanie Caldera, News Editor • February 15, 2024