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  • LAUSD High School Sports Paused for Return Until Further Notice.
  • Food available for pickup to all LAUSD students at MACES 7am-11am
MACES YEARBOOK - Get the Maywood Center for Enriched Studies 2020-2021 yearbook today. “There are so many amazing things happening; you will be very happily surprised if you do buy a yearbook and see what your classmates are creating,” Ms. Torres, yearbook advisor said.
Yearbook Q&A with Adviser Ms. Torres
Emily Mojica, Managing Editor • March 16, 2021

Q: Can students still submit photos? A: “Yes, currently...

MAYWOOD MAKEOVER - The city of Maywood will soon be home to new white street signs and an outdoor gym. Maywood’s newest restaurant, Egg N Bird, is also now open for pick up orders.
Maywood Makeover: New Gym, Restaurants, & More
Emily Mojica, Managing Editor • February 10, 2021
The media has always played an important role in how people strive to appear, and as it begins to expand to younger audiences more and more, it is also important to begin to display diversity  with body types, race, and sexuality. "....Growing up the beauty standards were being skinny, have no flaws whatsoever and I’m so happy we’re finally getting rid of that beauty standard because realistically, who even looks like that in real life?” Nell Henry, a body-positivity activist, shared.
Social Media's Impact on Self-love
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • April 6, 2021

It’s pretty clear that social media platforms have an impact on people's self-confidence....

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VACCINATION FEAR- As vaccines begin to be administered, some people are deciding to opt-out of receiving it. Some people fear that it will infect them with coronavirus or are afraid of the side effects. However, in order to get out of this pandemic, a large number of the population must get fully vaccinated.“We should look to get rid of these viruses rather than spread them” Mr. Nolasco said.
Vaccines should be made mandatory
Gustavo Morales, Online Editor • March 14, 2021
As children begin to become more exposed to the online world, their safety is put at risk.  “Tech companies are reporting a boom in online photos and videos of children being sexually abused — a record 45 million illegal images were flagged last year alone — exposing a system at a breaking point and unable to keep up with the perpetrators,” according to an article titled, “An Explosion in Online Sex Abuse: What You Need to Know,” published on The New York Times.
The Dangers of the Internet: Online Predators
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • February 23, 2021
MOVIE MOTIVATION  - March is Women’s History Month, but with quarantine restrictions, it’s best to celebrate from home. There are many movies about women that can not only inspire, but make one feel seen. “Movies that feature strong women are important because they can inspire and motivate other women to pursue their dreams,” Elissa Ramos, senior, said.
Ten movies that actually empower women
March 23, 2021

By Kelly Avila  March is National Women’s History Month and there are many movies made about women that follow stereotypes that negatively...

National Mario Day
David Lopez Jr., Reporter • March 11, 2021
A BROOKLYN SUPERTEAM- The biggest trade came in the form of Houston’s star shooting guard, James Harden, moving to the Brooklyn Nets.“I think the trade between the Nets and Rockets was pretty surprising. It was cool to see how much the Nets were willing to give for Harden,” Andres Angulo, a sophomore, said.
A New Season In New Circumstances
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • February 12, 2021
EFFECTS OF BODY POSITIVITY- Body positivity, like any other movement, can have negative effects. “I find the idea of Body Positivity good, but I find it confusing that this generation is encouraging obesity,” an anonymous MACES student said.
Body Positivity and its effects on society
March 21, 2021
A DIFFERENT KIND OF JUNIOR YEAR- With one semester of distance learning under their belt and an uncertain future ahead of them, juniors have felt more stressed than usual. With worries of applying to college and hoping for a “normal” senior year, they have a lot on their mind. “Junior year has been super stressful so far due to all of the teachers piling assignments on us and it just sucks being busy 24/7,” Lorraine Nunez Santana, a junior, said.
A junior year with a different level of stress
Andres Flores, Features Editor • March 19, 2021
CUTTING TIES - People who are toxic can take the form of friends, romantic relationships, or even family. It can be difficult to spot toxic behaviors in loved ones and even harder to cut ties with them. “Having to let go of the thought of this person has probably been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life,” said anonymous.
Letting Go of Emotional Vampires
Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor • February 15, 2021
A DIFFERENT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP-As the one year mark of living with Covid-19 comes near, Valentines Day is coming to pass. The question has to be asked, how have students and their relationships been affected by the pandemic? “Normally a relationship is like hanging out with your close friend all the time. However now it’s sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance ...” Victor Moreneo, a senior, said.
Risky Relationships
Andres Flores, Features Editor • February 14, 2021
BACK IN ACTION - Student athletes are back on the field and ready for a potential season. Football one of the first sports to come back is set to play season games soon.  “I’m very excited to be back, even if it’s just for one game,” Kevin Galvez, a senior football player, said.
A year later: Student-athletes return
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • March 25, 2021
A high school football game with one of the teams being MACES, which is taking place on a Friday night in Downtown Los Angeles.
Phrases only some sports understand
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • March 24, 2021
THE RETURN OF SPORTS- CIF and LAUSD have approved the return of high school sports. Mr.Gomez, MACES Athletic Director, explains how sports practices will be conducted and gives insight to some frequently asked questions.
Return of Sports Q&A with MACES Athletic Director Mr.Gomez
Melissa Ponce, Editor in Chief of Design • March 9, 2021
SUPER BOWL XLIII- The Super bowl this year has some different circumstances because of the pandemic, not as many parties, gatherings, and more. This year it is mostly celebrating the day with family.
Super Bowl Not So Party
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • February 12, 2021