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  • Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bell: 1595
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Maywood: 1427
IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR - While some students are finalizing their college applications, others are beginning to hear back from colleges. I applied to Georgetown University under the Early Action program and heard back from them on December 13, 2020.
Hearing Back from Georgetown University
Wendy Caldera, Social Media Editor • December 17, 2020

When I submitted my application, I knew the release date would...

LOCKDOWN SHUTS DOWN NON ESSENTIAL BUSINESS- Many businesses are forced to close their doors not long after being able to reopen. “It hurts to see many lose their jobs because of the pandemic, but if the lock down helps to slow down the spread then we have to do our part,” Diego Toscano, a senior, said.
Los Angeles Back in Lock-Down
Steven Hernandez, News Editor • December 17, 2020
CLUB RUSH IS LIVE- Leadership officially launched the Club tab on November 9th which can be found on their website. This page includes a presentation where students can access information about the various clubs offered.
Leadership Launches Club Rush
Destiny Juarez, Reporter • November 17, 2020
(Artwork by Wes Hack, @whaackart on Instagram) EXPRESSING INJUSTICE THROUGH ART- Any art form, whether it be painting, drawing, photography, or writing, has the ability to open people’s hearts and minds to whatever is being communicated in the work. “Making activist art means giving a voice to those who have been silenced…” Cat said.
Spreading Awareness through Artistic Expression
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • January 19, 2021

2020: A year full of impatience, anger, ignorance, and injustice....

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THE SEMESTER WAS NOT TRAGIC - Students were hesitant going into the online semester, but it was not the worst experience. Adversity was present but students finished the semester and look forward to the next challenge. "We survived. Exhausted and probably burned out too, but we finished this year and hopefully the next is better" Diana Oliva, a senior, said.
Recapping the Semester; It wasn't Horrible
Enrique Galeana, Arts & Entertainment Editor • December 18, 2020
PAUL RISES OVER ROBINSON - Jake Paul reigns victorious over Nate Robinson with a second round knockout.“Once Jake landed the first knockdown, I knew it was a matter of time before he put him away for good,” Francisco Casillas said.
A Vicious Knockout Victory for Jake Paul
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • December 19, 2020

During the summer, rumors about Mike Tyson’s return to the ring spread. When a deal with Triller, a social media platform, announced the fight,...

A STORY LIKE NO OTHER!- We Are Who We Are is an HBO series that tells the story of American teens on a military base in Italy. Throughout the show, Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Poythress, the two main protagonists, simultaneously explore their sexual and gender identities. “We Are Who We Are... is a very immersive experience into the identity of people,” Luca Guadagnino, the director of the series, said.
Review: We Are Who We Are
Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Content • December 6, 2020
SKATE OR DIE!- Roller-skating has been around for decades, however, during quarantine the hobby has reached a much wider demographic. Many credit TikTok for its “revival,” yet this claim completely ignores the ongoing African-American contributions to the roller-skating community. “[We] have a long way to go in making things right with the skate community, especially for skaters of color,” Ms. Hanson, an art teacher and roller skater since 2009, said.
Roller-skating isn’t making a comeback; It’s been back
Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content • November 21, 2020
PS5 SELL OUT - Travis Scott is back with another collaboration as a new “strategic partner” for Sony and the PlayStation 5 console. Scott’s unboxing video streamed live on Youtube at 9 p.m. PST on Thursday, November 12th. “To be able to just make somebody smile on a...Friday… it’s a good Friday right now,” Scott said.
Review: Travis Scott x PS5 Unboxing Reimagined
Emily Mojica, Managing Editor • November 16, 2020
Whenever a person is sick, they often feel horrible and it is hard for them to do daily actions, "It was hard waking up in the morning" said Gustavo
My Experience with COVID-19
Gustavo Morales, Online Editor • December 31, 2020
Mr. Dhall, the new social studies teacher, makes the environment in Zoom meetings fun and energetic. He provides new perspectives and insight despite the barriers of online learning. “Distance learning is restrictive, but he overcomes it to the best of his abilities. Mr. Dhall’s classes are not a bore to be in. Plus, he
Mr. Dhall: The Furthest from Dull
Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor • December 28, 2020
A Break that was Needed
A Break that was Needed
Mohamad Saleh, Reporter • December 23, 2020
A “NEW” MIDDLE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE- Six graders this year are stuck at home and not having the middle school experience they imagined. Despite the circumstances, they share how they are making the most out of the school year. “Well, my ideal sixth grade year was to keep my grades up and participate in clubs and meet new friends” Anthony Padilla, sixth grader said
A New Sixth Grade Experience
Ashley Padilla, Photography Editor • December 16, 2020