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  • Girls Varsity Basketball game vs. Harbor Teacher on Friday, December 3rd @ 4P.M.
  • Boys Varsity Basketball game vs. Marquez on December 7th @ 4P.M.
  • Percentage of people ages 5+ vaccinated in Maywood: 67.6% as of 12/2/2021
A WORD FROM THE COLLEGE CENTER - Since the beginning of August, UC and CSU applications have been open for students to apply. The deadline is approaching, and the College Center is notifying everyone that is applying to take advantage of the time now. “The college center will be hosting an I Applied to College event on November 12th after school in an effort to encourage student to complete and submit before the November 30th deadline. We are constantly posting on the MaCES college center IG and Schoology with new and updated information regarding additional resources and scholarships. The college ambassadors are checking in with their peers every Monday during homeroom,” Ostos said.
Halfway Through the UC Application Process
David Lopez Jr., Editor in Chief • November 3, 2021

From August 1 to November 30, seniors planning to attend a UC...

Universal Studios: Class of 2021
Universal Studios: Class of 2021
Daniela Olmedo, Editor in Chief of Content • May 28, 2021
Illustration by Sherlyn Pulido
Thoughts on Halloween costumes
Sherlyn Pulido, News Editor • November 3, 2021

     There is nothing more exciting than deciding what to dress up as or do for...

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Illustration By Eliana Perez
Should we go trick or treating this year?
Aylin Herrera, Social Media Editor • November 2, 2021
Midnight Train to MACES
Midnight Train to MACES
Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor • November 3, 2021

It has been two years since the last homecoming dance, and this year’s dance was a huge and successful homecoming. This is all due to the MACES...

Illustration By Joshua Zuniga
Thoughts on Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ MACES Responds...
Joshua Zuniga, Arts and Entertainment Editor • November 3, 2021
MACES, HOME TO TALENTED STUDENTS - Through it’s first four years MACES’ students have indeed proved they “Got Talent!”  “In band, my biggest inspiration is the band director and music teacher herself, Ms. Rincon. Other than being an amazing music teacher and band director, she is a great person,” Elizabeth Arroyo, a junior said.
MACES' Got Talent
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • June 7, 2021
Cesar was happy and enjoyed his time back on campus watching the football team get a huge win!
Welcome back to Campus Class of 2021!
Jacob Zamora, Features Editor • November 3, 2021
While being the only girl on the team, she gives it her all.
The One and Only: Carola Martinez
Aileen Garcia, Reporter • November 3, 2021
STRESSED OUT - Students taking challenging classes struggle, and being online only amplifies these struggles. Teachers are also trying to adapt and help students despite distance learning. “Students were incredibly resilient and I am so proud of them. Taking any course online is tough- let alone a college level class,” Ms. Navarro, a physiology and AP biology teacher, said.
Emotions run high in AP English Literature,
June 10, 2021
ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK- It is no secret that Hollywood’s coming-of-age movies often negate the stories of BIPOC, queer, and non-disabled teen adolescence. “That’s what blows my mind about Hollywood… they’re still afraid to tackle those issues,” Ms. Perfecto, a chemistry and physics teacher, said.
Dear Hollywood: Please do better
Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content • April 29, 2021
Boys Basketball Tryouts
Boys Basketball Tryouts
Jefferey Figueroa, Reporter • November 3, 2021
While being the only girl on the team, she gives it her all.
The One and Only: Carola Martinez
Aileen Garcia, Reporter • November 3, 2021
THE PACK PLAYS ON- MACES boys basketball played their last home game of the season on June 3rd. Senior David Torres fires a three to close out the playoff win against Panorama.
Final thoughts on the 2020 - 2021 sports season
Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor • June 9, 2021

FIRST HOME GAME-Coach Ruiz rallies on the Wolfpack in there first home game in over a year
MACES Coaches' take on the 2021 athletic season
Andres Flores, Features Editor • May 12, 2021