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Emily Estrada

Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

Emily Estrada is a freshman at MaCES and a new add-on to the Wolfpack Times team for the 2022-2023 school year. She decided to join the Wolfpack Times because of a fellow teacher that encouraged her to try something new. Emily enjoys spending quality time with others and being present in the moment. Although, as much as she enjoys quality time, she also needs her own space to de-stress after a tiring day. She always takes that time to listen to music, it's one of her favorite things. If you approach her at any time in the day, there's a good chance she'll be listening to music. Emily also loves painting and attending soccer practices. There is never a bad moment at soccer practice and appreciates spending time with her team. This year she is even trying out for the MaCES Girl's Soccer team and hopes to get her current position as midfielder.

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