Wolfpack Baseball Pitches New Season

Baseball team challenged by weather and other complications


Maywood City Park baseball field closed due to flooding, causing delays in practice and games

Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

Baseball season has officially started for the boys at MACES, and they are eager to show off their athletic skills this season. 

Since the start of the season, the Wolfpack Boys Baseball Team has only had five games, with one win and four losses. The constant rain has affected their practice schedule and has also postponed and canceled many of their games. Without practice, players haven’t been able to further develop their skills, and it has shown in some of the mistakes that have occurred. “We need to work more and come together as a team,” Andrew Moran, a freshman on the varsity baseball team, said.

Despite the setbacks, players are looking forward to showcasing the youth on their team this year. There are three freshmen and two sophomores who are starting on the team while the rest are upperclassmen. Coach Benavidez believes some mentionable players are those on varsity such as Andres Angulo, Angel Iglesias, Jose Aguirre, and many more. Coach Benavidez had nothing but the best to say about the players and their bright futures. 

Senior Andres Angulo is known to be a top hitter and “leader of the team,” by Coach Benavidez. “A goal of mine for this season is to earn all-league honors and help my team get another league championship,” Angulo said. He has high hopes for the team this upcoming season and is always looking for ways to improve himself. 

Even though Angulo keeps his head up and works hard during the season, he is also aware that it’s important to have fun. “I would just tell myself to have fun and enjoy being out there. Don’t let big moments get too big and always give 110%,” Angulo said.

This team has been through rough times and the support they have received so far would definitely want to see them succeed. As Coach Benavidez said, “The future is bright for upcoming seasons!”