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  • September 20Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bell: 1595

2020-2021 Staff

Daniella Hernandez

Editor in Chief of Content

Daniella Hernandez is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Content at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. She enjoys roller skating, baking, gardening and her favorite form of self-expression is makeup. She is the Vice President of he...

Melissa Ponce

Editor in Chief of Design

Melissa Ponce is a senior and the Editor-and-Chief of Design for the Wolfpack Times. This is her second year participating in the school newspaper and she is eager to write stories that will keep the school community connecte...

Bruno Bustamante

Online Editor

Bruno Bustamante is an Online Editor for the Wolfpack Times Newspaper at MACES. He is in his senior year in high school. He runs cross country for the school ́s team and received a medal for 15th place in their division 2 years...

Kelly M. Avila

Opinion Editor

Kelly M. Avila is the Opinion Editor for the Wolfpack Times. She is a senior at MaCES and has been the opinion editor for 2 years in a row. Her passion for journalism began from reading and watching opinion-oriented articles and d...

Steven Hernandez

News Editor

Steven Hernandez is a senior attending Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. He has a passion for gaming and likes to travel places. Steven Hernandez is the news editor for the Wolfpack Times and works as a mechanic. He planned...

Ashley Padilla

Photography Editor

Ashley Padilla is currently the photography editor for the Wolfpack Times. She is a high school senior attending MaCES. She has been a part of the basketball team for a year now. She used to be the ASB secretary in the 2018-20...

Kiana Tapia

Editorial Editor

Kiana Tapia is currently the Editorial Editor for the Wolfpack Times. She joined the student newspaper in hopes that she can help spread current news and helpful information not only to the students but to the community as well....

Kate De La Torre


Kate De La Torre is the Broadcast Editor and one of two illustrators for the Wolfpack Times. The school year of 2020-2021 marks her second and last year participating in Mr. Cottom’s Journalism class. In February of 2020, D...

Wendy Caldera

Social Media Editor

Wendy Caldera is a social media editor for the Wolfpack Times. She is an active member of her community and school. She has been voted parliamentarian and vice-chairperson in the School Site Council. She is a member of her school’s...

Johnathan Cordero


Johnathan Cordero is a freshman at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies and one of two illustrators for the Wolfpack Times. He is 14 years old and is determined to show that he can write excellent stories and provide Maces stude...

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