Athlete of the Month: Enrique Pulido


Angel Javier Jaime

Pulido and his teammates after an unfortunate loss against Bravo High School

Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

“Enrique is the most intellectually, inquisitive person I’ve ever met,” Coach Spolidoro of the Wolfpack Boys Soccer Team said. Enrique Pulido is a senior and captain of the Wolfpack Varsity Boys Soccer team.

Over the years, Enrique has always kept his head in the game and has always helped his teammates improve in a collaborative manner.

As a player, Pulido is swift, fearless, has great ball control, has accurate passing, and he has the ability to read the game and make a difference in those 90 minutes. Not only that, but he always has the perfect mentality for the game.

Unfortunately, this season felt very hopeless for some of the players. The team had no official coach and struggled to improve without receiving the direct feedback they needed. This year has truly been a test for all of them, both physically and mentally. “During the game, I had to play more defensively and aggressively. I had to do tackles and even hurt opponents on purpose to not let them get past midfield and the defensive line,” Pulido said. Everything that happened was done by the team, and the team only. There were times when he had to be tough on his players, even if he didn’t enjoy doing so. 

Throughout it all, he has kept a positive mindset and learned to overcome all the obstacles that were put in the way this season. It’s all because of the passion he has for his sport. “I play the sport because it brings a lot of joy and relieves stress,” Pulido said. It’s his way of coping with things when times become rough. “When it comes to school or the pitch, he is constantly looking for ways to improve himself or those around him. He is always looking for success and I 100% believe in Enrique,” Coach Spolidoro said. 

Due to the hard work and dedication Pulido and his teammates have put in, they are now going into the playoffs with their heads up high, taking every opportunity to win.