Andres Angulo, Athlete of Month


Hector Mora, Girl Sports Editor

     Last month on April 25, Andres Angulo pitched a perfect game, which is the biggest in-game achievement a pitcher can receive. A perfect game in baseball is where the pitcher allows no hits, no runs, and no opposing batter to reach first base for the entire game.


     The final score ended up being 13-0 against league rival, Linda Marquez High and Andres has his teammates to thank for this achievement and win. “I just trusted my defense and my pitches,” said Angulo. A perfect game doesn’t just come to anyone, Angulo already had it all planned out in his head before even stepping on the mound. “I had a plan to shut them down since I knew it was a big game and I just had faith in my team and myself,” said Angulo.


     Angulo doesn’t just have big plans in game, but big plans going into his future as well. “As of now, I plan to focus on just my education,” said Angulo. Last month he committed to attend UCLA as a computer science engineering major hoping to one day, land a career in that area. He doesn’t just earn achievements and awards in baseball, but in academics as well as he was recently named the salutatorian for the graduating class of 2023.


     With the regular season almost being over and the playoffs coming up, emotions have been high amongst Angulo and his teammates as their ride is almost over. “It’s been a fun ride playing with these guys and the memories and bonds formed will always be there with me,” said Angulo. But the season is not yet over and there is still baseball to be played. “I just want to go out there and compete. The goal is to play hard and make a deep playoff run,” said Angulo. The MACES Wolfpack Journalism team wishes the MACES Baseball team a good playoff run and a memorable season.