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Joshua Zuniga

Joshua Zuniga, Online Editor In Chief

Joshua Zuniga is a junior in MACES, where he has taken the chance to perform at many, if not almost all of the school’s talent shows and performances. He is a good talker, as well as a good listener. He also likes TV shows with his favorites right now being the recent Disney+’s Original, What If...? and the not so recent Breaking Bad. He’s the type of person to go out of his way and lend a helping hand whenever he can, wherever he can. He also likes anime and video games and LOVES food. He has been a part of the Anime Club here at MACES and has even helped out with some events, which include the Anime Cafe and even helps out being the DJ during lunch. Overall, he is a good person with a greater heart so don’t be afraid to approach him if you see him in person.

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