Football Expectations for the 2022-2023 Season

Joshua Zuniga, Online Editor In Chief

Football. A sport that is highly physical and has a lot of history. Speaking of history, last season, the football team had a standing of eight wins and four losses (8-4). Enough about the past! Let’s look ahead and find out what’s going on and what should be expected for the next MACES Wolfpack Football Team!!!

“Watching all of these new recruits; if they keep coming to practice and keep up the work, they can eventually become as good as last year,” Francisco Saldana, a four-year experienced football player, said. Sounds like their training and conditioning is already happening! “We’re on the field doing drills and throwing the balls around, mainly doing plays so we can prepare ourselves. We do drills to see how many things you can do at once to show if you can keep focus on the field because you know the field is crazy and anything can happen.”

A lot of people wonder if training for football is difficult. According to Jorge Escobar, that doesn’t seem to be the case. “It’s not tiring, but you can see the progress and the training we get by our coach,” Jorge Escobar, a five-year experienced football player, said. “I chose football because it looked fun and it keeps you in shape and it’s amazing. It’s a good game.”

You may be wondering to yourself, “When can I try out for the football team? Isn’t the school year already over?”. “Tryouts are in the summer, so anybody that wants to play has gotta have a physical, you gotta bring it to me, you gotta do, and we start right when school ends.” Coach Cisco said. “Anyone can play football. If you put work into it, you can play. It doesn’t matter the size. The way we train everybody, we train for everyone’s safety, including our opponents. GO WOLFPACK!”

As for expectations, it appears Coach Jerrod Andrade is positive about the future of the team. “We put in the work and we’re dedicated. I think we can definitely make it happen,” said Coach Andrade, a football coach since 1993. “I’m really excited to be a part of the program; to be a part of the family here at MACES and with the Wolfpack and so far, it’s been a really satisfying experience to be with the young men that I get to be around on a daily basis. I can’t wait for Friday nights!”

Everything is looking awesome so far! If students want to see the next football team in action, they can catch them at their first home game on August 26 against South Pasadena!