Game Review: Among Us


Ashley Ramirez

POV- You are a crewmate and you have to figure out who the imposter is. Use those detective skills to sniff out the imposter in the video game Among Us.

Ashley Ramirez, Reporter

There is an imposter among uscan you find out who it is? The video game Among Us released June 15, 2018 has recently gained popularity. The game is available for mobile download in the apple and google app store and can be downloaded on PCs. 


The concept of the game is to figure out who the killer(s) are or as they are referred to, imposter(s). It is up to the crewmates to complete their tasks and find out who the imposter(s) are. 


When the crewmates find a body while completing their tasks, they press the report button. This puts all the players in a chat to discuss who they think the killers are. The imposter(s) have to lie their way through the discussion so they are not voted off. After discussing who they think the imposter(s) are, players then vote to eject who they think the imposter is. Crewmates can win with a task win, meaning all crewmates (including ghosts) completed all their tasks or they win by catching the imposter(s).


The game has three different maps. The “ Skeld” which is a spaceship, “Mira HQ” which is a skyscraper, and “Polus” which is a drilling area. Each map overview is different but ultimately have the same tasks the crewmates can complete. 


Imposters as mentioned previously are killers but it gets better. Imposters have the ability to jump in and out of vents throughout the map as they get away after killing a crewmate or to simply travel faster on the map. They also have the ability to turn off lights, cause a reactor meltdown, and deplete the crewmates of their oxygen; imposters can close doors in the “Polus” map and in “Mira HQ”. It is up to the crewmates to fix the sabotages in a certain time frame or else the imposter(s) win the game. 


The game’s visuals are very simple but that makes it so much more interesting and fun to play. The visuals in the animation of the imposter killing you are even better as it does show blood and the weapon the imposter kills you with.

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Among Us offers items to customize your character. They have hats that are available for purchase and some that are free. Items available for purchase including skins and pets that follow you around the game cost $2.99 each. Some hats cost $0.99 while others cost $2.99. 


The game Among Us, overall is interesting and fun to play10/10 would recommend playing, just don’t play in class!