National Mario Day


WHY PEOPLE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MARIO – Super Mario has been competing and succeeding for so long that old and new gamers always come back just to grab the controller and play again. “I know that there’ve been a lot of new games with Mario involved, but I always go back to the original ones. To me they’re just way more fun, despite all these new characters and new editions…the originals are the best,” Mr. Marquez said

David Lopez Jr., Reporter

Over many years, video games have come a long way, and many memorable characters have crossed the paths of many gamers. From Sonic the Hedgehog, to Donkey Kong, to Link from the Legend of Zelda games, one remains memorable since day one: Super Mario.

March 10 is considered Mario day because when Mar (abbreviation for March) and 10 are combined, they form Mar10, which looks similar to the name Mario, and it only made sense that the day would become Mario Day.

Super Mario and the Super Mario games have had a long-lasting legacy, dating back to 1983 with the creation of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short). Today, there are still Super Mario gamers who have appreciated and enjoy all of the Mario games created by Nintendo. “I used to play often growing up. I haven’t played it as often as I would like to just because I’ve been so busy. But Super Mario is definitely my go-to game,” Heber Marquez, Intervention Coordinator, said.

Since then, all kinds of Mario games have been created, as well as series of games, such as Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy to name a few. 

All games are respected for what they have become, starting from the 8-bit original Super Mario Bros. game, to now evolving into a 3D-based game, and now having the ability to create Super Mario levels for everyone to enjoy in the Super Mario Maker games. However, the question pops up: What Mario game is an iconic, and perfect representation, of Super Mario, and the Mario community? “People in the 80s may say the original Super Mario Bros. People in the 90s-2000s may say Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario 64. This generation may say Super Mario for the DS… It’s come to an agreement among the Nintendo community that Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64 are the most iconic. One began the story, and one opened Mario and all future games to the 3D perspective,” Matthew Argueta, a junior, said.

Super Mario has evolved throughout the years, but it’s spectacular that everyone still enjoys and love it, and no matter how long a former Mario lover has stepped back from the games, or how long they have played Minecraft for, the sight, signs, and sounds of Mario will always pull them back to the old, nostalgic, fun times. “When I think of Super Mario, it reminds me of the good times…it takes me back to THAT moment, you know, as a kid when I was able to play video games and I was like ‘There are no worries. Let me play Super Mario and that’s it!’…It reminds me of my childhood, and the conversation I would be able to have with cousins and friends…it was some sort of peace of mind that Mario brought to me, to an extent,” Mr. Marquez said.