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A CUP OF KISSES- What will students do this Valentine’s Day with limited choices? “ I will probably do what I always do on weekends which is catch up on homework, watch netlfix, and be with my family,” Mariana Gutierrez a freshman says.
Valentines Day: What will People do Amid a Pandemic?
Johnathan Cordero, Illustrator • February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day: A day for expressing love and gratitude towards...

MAYWOOD MAKEOVER - The city of Maywood will soon be home to new white street signs and an outdoor gym. Maywood’s newest restaurant, Egg N Bird, is also now open for pick up orders.
Maywood Makeover: New Gym, Restaurants, & More
Emily Mojica, Managing Editor • February 10, 2021
IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR - While some students are finalizing their college applications, others are beginning to hear back from colleges. I applied to Georgetown University under the Early Action program and heard back from them on December 13, 2020.
Hearing Back from Georgetown University
Wendy Caldera, Social Media Editor • December 17, 2020
LOCKDOWN SHUTS DOWN NON ESSENTIAL BUSINESS- Many businesses are forced to close their doors not long after being able to reopen. “It hurts to see many lose their jobs because of the pandemic, but if the lock down helps to slow down the spread then we have to do our part,” Diego Toscano, a senior, said.
Los Angeles Back in Lock-Down
Steven Hernandez, News Editor • December 17, 2020
As children begin to become more exposed to the online world, their safety is put at risk.  “Tech companies are reporting a boom in online photos and videos of children being sexually abused — a record 45 million illegal images were flagged last year alone — exposing a system at a breaking point and unable to keep up with the perpetrators,” according to an article titled, “An Explosion in Online Sex Abuse: What You Need to Know,” published on The New York Times.
The Dangers of the Internet: Online Predators
Parents must protect their children from the dark side of the internet
Kate De La Torre, Broadcast Editor • February 23, 2021

Witnessing a 5-year-old with a technological device glued to their face is pretty...

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Why Valentine’s Day is Abysmal
Enrique Galeana, A&E Editor • February 14, 2021
FRESH AND LOCAL- Pictured above is Root of Life’s, ‘Viva La Vida Smoothie.’
Food Review: Root of Life
Melissa Ponce, Editor in Chief of Design • February 8, 2021
BLACK HISTORY MONTH APPRECIATION - Pictured above is Ms. Shannon, assistant plant manager at MACES.  Black History Month reminds her of the ancestors who came before her, but most of all, it reminds her of her courageous and humble parents. “Those are the influences in my life because they taught me to love, respect, know from right and wrong, and how to accomplish or get through different situations, the struggling situations...They always taught me to bounce back” Ms. Shannon said.
The Importance of Black History Month at MACES
David López Jr., Reporter • February 17, 2021

In America, February is celebrated for Black History Month, a month where inspiring, courageous, and determined Black Americans are recognized...

A BROOKLYN SUPERTEAM- The biggest trade came in the form of Houston’s star shooting guard, James Harden, moving to the Brooklyn Nets.“I think the trade between the Nets and Rockets was pretty surprising. It was cool to see how much the Nets were willing to give for Harden,” Andres Angulo, a sophomore, said.
A New Season In New Circumstances
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • February 12, 2021
‘DRIVERS LICENSE’ BECOMES A HIT - People from all around the world are streaming this heartbreak song. “Didn’t really expect it to chart or do anything. I was just so happy with it and so the fact that it’s number one in the world right now is absolutely mind-blowing,” said Olivia Rodrigo.
Olivia Rodrigo: Rising to Stardom
Wendy Caldera, Social Media Editor • February 9, 2021
PAUL RISES OVER ROBINSON - Jake Paul reigns victorious over Nate Robinson with a second round knockout.“Once Jake landed the first knockdown, I knew it was a matter of time before he put him away for good,” Francisco Casillas said.
A Vicious Knockout Victory for Jake Paul
Bruno Bustamante, Online Editor • December 19, 2020
CUTTING TIES - People who are toxic can take the form of friends, romantic relationships, or even family. It can be difficult to spot toxic behaviors in loved ones and even harder to cut ties with them. “Having to let go of the thought of this person has probably been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life,” said anonymous.
Letting Go of Emotional Vampires
Kelly M. Avila, Opinion Editor • February 15, 2021
A DIFFERENT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP-As the one year mark of living with Covid-19 comes near, Valentines Day is coming to pass. The question has to be asked, how have students and their relationships been affected by the pandemic? “Normally a relationship is like hanging out with your close friend all the time. However now it’s sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance ...” Victor Moreneo, a senior, said.
Risky Relationships
Andres Flores, Features Editor • February 14, 2021
WORKING DURING A PANDEMIC- The pandemic has been an opportunity for students to attain their first jobs. Yet, while also learning the value of hard work, students must follow safety precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19. “My work environment is different because we only allow 3 customers in the building at a time, there is a plexiglass sheet in between me and the customers, and we need to have masks and gloves at all times,” cashier, Kenneth Lara, said.
Adapting the Work Environment During a Pandemic
Leslie Quintana, Social Media Editor • February 11, 2021
ADMITTED TO A TOP 40 SCHOOL- Melissa Ponce, the Wolfpack Times’ Editor-in-Chief of Design, recently received her acceptance letter from Brown University. Given that the school has, on average, a 7 percent acceptance rate, Brown has been deemed highly-selective time-and-time again. “When I saw the banner that said ‘Welcome to Brown,’ I was in shock. It took me a few seconds to realize that I got in,” Ponce said.
Melissa Ponce: a First-Generation Brown University Admit
Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content • January 29, 2021