Start of Baseball Season

The MACES baseball team is off to a great start this season taking two consecutive wins against Marquez HS.


Alexandra Cabrales

Catcher, Nathan Figueroa communicated with his team after they struck out Bell HS player #63 during a non-league game. The team fell short in the sixth inning which led to their loss, but they continued to work on some mistakes and get better. “Team chemistry is very important. It allows for us to rely and feel more comfortable with each other,” Figueroa said.

MACES Baseball pitcher and infielder, Andres Angulo pitching for their first league game of the season. After some tough luck in the non-league games, the team stepped up to beat Marquez HS 3-0. Two days later they beat Marquez a second time 10-0. “Little by little we’re getting it together and playing more like a team,” Angulo said. (Alexandra Cabrales)


Alexandro Arzaluz, pitcher and infielder, batting in the last inning of the game against Marquez. He explains that during the non-league games, Coach Benavidez would set games against playoff-contending D1 schools so that they could get better and learn from mistakes made in those games. Ultimately these games paid off. “I think we’re doing better offensively and just having more fun while playing,” Arzaluz said. (Alexandra Cabrales)


Andres Angulo, and Nathan Figueroa warming up by throwing a few pitches before starting their final offensive inning against Marquez. Since the team has been winning with no runs scored against them, they are more ecstatic to see what’s next. “[I’m] excited to see where we are in May,” Angulo said. (Alexandra Cabrales)
The team is more connected now than they were at the beginning of the season and it shows in their game results. In their first league games against Marquez, the team was able to communicate better and work together. Team catcher and infielder, Nathan Figueroa, said, “the baseball team is like a second family for a lot of us.” (Alexandra Cabrales)


MACES, Division 2, playing against Bell HS, Division 1, during a non-league game. Alexandro Arzaluz explains that playing against D1 teams has prepared the team by helping them work on some flaws. “[It] helps us clean up the mistakes and work on them,” Arzaluz said. (Alexandra Cabrales)