Boys Volleyball Makes A Comeback For The 2022 Season

Aime Haros, Social Media Editor

    The Volleyball 2022 spring season has come to an end. After having a tough 2021 season due to covid and its regulations the 2022 season was great and the closest to a “normal” season they have had after so long.  “This year’s boys volleyball team was basically new,” said Mr. Gomez, the athletics director, boys volleyball coach, and a geometry teacher. 


    Their 2022 season consisted mainly of new players and three returning varsity players. Even though most of them had no experience at all, they put in the hard work and time to get the experience they needed to have the season they deserve. “We lacked experience and with hard work and dedication, the team improved greatly,” said Coach Gomez. 


Due to there being a majority of seniors in this year’s team there will be many new players next year as well as there was this year. The returning players for the 2023 season will be Bryant Gonzalez, a sophomore and Joe Arroyo, a junior. “It will be another reloading year but we have many new players who are very excited about playing next year. It will be a very good season next year as well,” Coach Gomez said.


    The team did have the opportunity to go to playoffs but unfortunately lost to Fulton high school with a close score of (3-2). The score was definitely really close but being able to go to the playoffs is a big accomplishment regardless of the final score. Their season consisted of an overall score of 5-12. 


Their last game against Fulton high school which was their playoff game was a rollercoaster of emotions, “It was a very close game with many exciting moments and two injuries that made it even more difficult. It was a good year, we wish we could have this team one more year,” Coach Gomez said.