Boys Soccer Team Preparing for Season

Gisselle Miranda, Reporter

  “Soccer is a game of mistakes, if we struggle, we are doing it rightMs. Spolidoro, the soccer coach said. With soccer season approaching, the Wolfpack Boys Soccer team is practicing to improve and strengthen their skills as a team.

  The home non-conference game against Annenberg took place on November 10, it was a great start and win for the varsity soccer team by a score of 6-3. “Some of the things that I think has helped us win games is that we communicate and bring each other up when we make mistakes,” Villa, a senior, says.

  Jasiel Villa is a senior and captain of the varsity soccer team. He has been in the Wolfpack boys soccer team since his freshman year. He tells about his love and dedication for the sport, “Soccer is such a beautiful game, not only because of the skills and knowledge that you get from it, but it is also a game that brings people together, a sport that breaks barriers along the way”.

  However, it is not easy to balance school and soccer, “Sometimes the amount of work that is given to me is sometimes too much and having to balance it with soccer is sometimes overwhelming, but I can still manage,” Villa says. The soccer players also have to focus on their academic work and learn to handle the pressure of it all. 

   It is an important commitment to be part of the boys soccer team; they all have motivation and desire to improve, they have each other’s backs and commit to attend the practices. “Coaching the boys soccer team is amazing. The players are great people who are focused, and excited about the game. We are a team, we win together, and we lose together. It is an honor to coach them,” Spolidoro says. 

  The team is very determined and united, they don’t quit easily and support each other. Having great expectations for this new season and a healthy mindset is necessary, “I have good expectations for this year’s team, the boys want it just as bad as me. As captain, the boys are expecting me to contribute lots of goals and assists, and I don’t plan on disappointing them,” Villa says

   “Trust, communicate, respect each other, and learn from our success and our failures. We are a team,” Spolidoro says, describing her core values as a coach.