Seniors’ Day at Disneyland

Gisselle Miranda, Reporter

   As seniors approach their last days at MACES, the fun events they’ve had are a way for them to create their last high school memories. Apart from the New York trip, their final event is grad nite, a day at Disneyland on Sunday, June 4. 

   Many seniors are taking this opportunity to go to celebrate their final year of high school. Alondra Pompa, a senior, expresses her opinion on grad nite, “I think it’s a special day to spend time with friends and create a lot of memorable moments with them like getting on rides together and taking pictures especially since Disney is a common thing in everyone’s childhood from the movies, shows, and characters we’ve all seen, also considering that they are going to close California Adventure to the public for us seniors to only have access to it. I personally am excited to go because I haven’t been to Disneyland in a whole and getting to go with my classmates and friends is going to be an exceptional experience to have.”

   Some more heartfelt words and thoughts about the meaning of the event, “I think seniors should attend their last events during these last days of high school to appreciate where they are now and who they grew along with. It’s a time we don’t really see over the years, but it’s super meaningful when you’re approaching your last few days and most of the faces you grew up with, had classes and friendships with, could probably be the last time you see them on a daily basis. It’s great to live in the moment and just go for it,” Perla Rodriguez, a senior, said.

   A whole day at Disneyland will surely be a time to remember, and seniors will have the California Adventure Park to themselves, allowing them a more private and fun experience!