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ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK- It is no secret that Hollywood’s coming-of-age movies often negate the stories of BIPOC, queer, and non-disabled teen adolescence. “That’s what blows my mind about Hollywood… they’re still afraid to tackle those issues,” Ms. Perfecto, a chemistry and physics teacher, said.

Dear Hollywood: Please do better

Daniella Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Content
April 29, 2021
A STORY LIKE NO OTHER!- We Are Who We Are is an HBO series that tells the story of American teens on a military base in Italy. Throughout the show, Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Poythress, the two main protagonists, simultaneously explore their sexual and gender identities. “We Are Who We Are... is a very immersive experience into the identity of people,” Luca Guadagnino, the director of the series, said.

Review: We Are Who We Are

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Content
December 6, 2020
A FEW RECOLLECTIONS FROM THE PAST- Daniella Hernandez, the daughter of Maria Hernandez, recalls her mom’s journey battling breast cancer. Despite witnessing her mom at her weakest point in life, Hernandez still acknowledges the good it brought to her family. “The diagnosis definitely made me realize that everyone’s time on Earth is borrowed. Life is too short not to tell people how much they mean to you,” Hernandez said.

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Content
October 19, 2020
WOMEN ARE POWERFUL! Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, two female rappers, recently released WAP as of August of 2020. The song was met with lots of backlash, especially from men on social media that believed the lyrics were too vulgar. However, there were plenty of women that came back with valid rebuttals. “Men have been singing about sexuality forever… Women are barely exploring their sexuality recently,” Gabriela Rincon, music teacher and band director, said.

WAP: Women are powerful

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Content
September 26, 2020
The College Board, a multimillion-dollar “not-for-profit” organization geared toward connecting students to college success, has recently been sued with a $500 million federal court lawsuit for gross negligence. Over the past few months, the College Board has been met with an immense amount of backlash for administering online AP exams that most claim were not up to par with an international standard. “I do believe that they could’ve waited more time and made sure that their system was working properly,” Elizabeth Arroyo, a sophomore, said.

Dear College Board

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Design
June 3, 2020
Future leaders in the making! Paloma Hernandez, a first-generation college 
student, continues to face the challenges that many low-income students experience throughout their course to success. Over the Spring of 2020, Hernandez graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s degree in Earth Systems and Policy.  “Im obviously very proud of her, and she worked really hard for it. I hope, in the future, she is happy with what she’s doing” Maria Hernandez, Paloma’s mother, said.

Overcoming Adversity

Daniella Hernandez, Editor in Chief of Design
May 12, 2020
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