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Faviola De Avila

Faviola De Avila, Reporter/Photographer

This is Faviola De Avila's first time being a part of the Wolfpack Times, she joined because she wanted to try something different and exciting.is a junior , she is planning to become a psychologist and in order to do that she still needs to pick the area she wants to focus on. She still hasn't picked any colleges yet but she is trying her best to get good grades to be able to get into one. She wants to go to college to make her parents proud and to be the first daughter to actually make it to college. Right now she is taking Intro Sociology , Spanish 3, Physiology, US History , American Literature & Contemporary Composition and Algebra 2.  Overall, she is excited to learn new things and pick up new skills in the Wolfpack Times and have a good time.


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