Corona Virus: From my Perspective

Jonathan Cordero, MACES Howler Sports and Features Editor


Covid-19, more prominently known as the CoronaVirus, is causing conflicting emotions in the hearts of people. From anxiety to fear, when will this virus cease to end? Many shelves are unstocked due to many residents’ panic buying. Long lines await those who venture to buy food and essentials.



This was the case when me and my dad went to Ralphs, in Beverly Hills. The 18 mile drive that would usually take us an hour and a half, took a mere 30 minutes, due to the light traffic and shelter-in-place order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom. As we drove to our desired location, I observed empty parking lots for businesses, which would usually be full. The paranoia has spread throughout L.A. County, it seemed.


When we arrived, there was an impressive line leading out of Ralphs. Half of the people wore face masks, mostly the elderly. There was a look of fear and desperation through the young and old alike. Despite the long length of the line, it moved fairly quickly, a good 20 minute wait. As we shopped, only 10 shoppers were permitted inside at a time. Three registers were open as well. It was surprising how well stocked the store was, compared to stores around my area. The only item that Ralphs lacked was toilet paper. This has seemed impossible to find. 


Covid-19 has struck many stores and businesses, but it is relieving to know one store can still feed the needs of a family.