Spring break locations to visit in the future


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Big Sur, One of the many great places to visit during spring break

Gustavo Morales, Online Editor

One thing many teenagers and young adults look forward to is their vacation time. One of the most exciting breaks that is given is spring break. It is often a highlight for many to go out and see the different, beautiful, and relaxing areas of the state. Because of what is currently happening, these places are closed to the public but in the future, and definitely before the next spring break, they will reopen.

If you enjoy the ocean, beaches and overall nice scenery, one place you should visit is Big Sur. Big Sur has waterfalls and even has great places to hike with friends or family. There are many state parks in Big Sur also, which is even enough for the family or friends to just chill and hang out. If you are going to go somewhere during your Spring break, Big Sur is definitely a spot to look out for when choosing where to go.

Another well known place is Yosemite National park. Yosemite is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and it is a great place to visit. If you want to get in touch with nature and just experience the outdoors. One of Yosemite’s greatest attractions is its Giant Sequoias and how breathtaking they are when you are near them is one of the best parts of the trees. There are many other things to see in the park like the flora and fauna which make the park an extraordinary place to visit during the break.

Lake Tahoe is also a nice place to visit when on break. It is near San Francisco and it is a very nice looking place to visit. If you would like try to experience skiing for the first time or if you are already used to skiing, Lake Tahoe is a great spot. Even during spring break there are still areas that allow everyone to ski and have fun outdoors. Its lake is also very beautiful and is a great spot for swimming with people you’d want to hang out with.

Spring break is a time to look forward to to be able to spend quality time with those that you love. The current situation the world is in and what’s currently happening with the pandemic, spring break won’t be a time where you can go out and visit these amazing places. Since you will not be able to go this time around, remember to keep these places in the back of your mind in order to make the next spring break amazing.