Dear Cyberbullies


Emily Mojica

The effects of cyber bullying go beyond the the person that is targeted.

Emily Mojica, Managing Editor

Read a book, learn to cook, even download Tik Tok if you are that bored. But please don’t use your free time and energy to bring someone else down. Don’t make these times harder than they already are. Don’t cyberbully.


This new virtual lifestyle was not chosen by us and is not easy for everyone. I can’t even begin to imagine the tragedies and hardships people are going through at this very moment. It’s upsetting to know that despite our current situation, cyberbullies continue to make their presence known. 


How much attention does a person really need to use their precious time to hurt someone else? How can a cyberbully go to sleep at night knowing they ruined someone else’s day? How can a human being find it in themselves to publicly humiliate someone for their own benefit? Is there even a possible way to feel good about it?


It’s completely understandable that people can get very frustrated and angry during these extremely boring times at home. I’d be lying if I said that I understand and know what everyone is going through. But I can relate to all the people counting down the days for this to be all over. 


We are genuinely living in a nightmare, but some of us are trying to find the good in this situation. So to all the cyberbullies, don’t make this nightmare last longer than it should. Don’t let your insecurities turn into someone else’s. 


Think twice before you type that comment, record that video, and post that picture. Hitting that “post” button may not mean much to you at that moment, but it can mean the world to someone else. 


If you or someone you know is a victim of cyberbullying reach out for help*. Don’t stay quiet and give cyberbullies that satisfaction. Make sure they know that you are not an easy target. 


Cyberbullies don’t take advantage of our new virtual lifestyles. Don’t think you’ll get away with it because every action has a consequence. You have a digital footprint, don’t forget that.


*MACES Magnet Anonymous Text Tip Line: (562) 567-7133 


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