Spring sports canceled, fall sports now in jeopordy


Gabriel Dominguez

The Wolfpack football team hudles together in their season opener against Hawkins High..

Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor

       As the winter sports season culminated, hopeful baseball, track and field, volleyball, golf, and softball players prepared for a brand new season. With hopes and dreams it would be the best season they have ever had, little did they know of the incoming disaster that would put an end to their season.

      On April 3, CIF announced the cancelation of all spring sports due to the growing coronavirus pandemic impacting the nation. All student-athletes got a taste of the feeling that professional athletes are going through, as their seasons were also canceled.  With the pandemic ongoing, students remain optimistic about the idea of being back in school soon. 

     This leaves a lot of doubt and many questions not just about the upcoming fall sports season, but all high school sports in general. “A big factor will be whether or not schools reopen on campus and what health guidelines will be in place set forth by the Governor of California, Mayor of Los Angeles, and the health experts,” said Dick Dornan, the CIF Los Angeles City Section Sports Information Director.

      The wait for the return of high school sports could be very long. The pandemic is changing, and, ultimately, it is government and health officials who have the final say. With all the uncertainty, there is a very big possibility that there will not be any sports for a long time. It has been rumored that students might not return to school for the rest of 2020, and continue school online. It has also been rumored that all students will have to wear masks and schools will be enforcing social distancing aggressively upon return. 

     The CIF sees itself implementing measures to keep people safe if sports are given the green light to restart. “There are various options that could be considered including no fans in attendance. Everything will be predicated upon the health and safety of the student-athletes, coaches, officials, fans, and school community,” Dornan said. 

    With the pandemic raging, there is little to do but wait, but with the current situation, the future for the return of high school sports looks bleak. “The fall sports season could be delayed; it could be shortened; it could be canceled. We just don’t know right now,” Dornan said.