College help at the touch of a button


Melissa Ponce

Although the pandemic has forced the switched to online learning, students who want to prepare for college can access resources online.

Melissa Ponce, Features Editor


From application deadlines to financial aid forms, the college application can be a very confusing time and with the switch to online learning, some juniors may find this experience even more challenging. Under normal circumstances, juniors can schedule appointments with college counselors on campus and visit the college center. Yet while schools may not be open there are still resources available to students that can help ease the worries of receiving college resources.


Another concern for many students is how they will pay for college. However various resources match students with scholarships they can apply to. Both Niche and Cappex are free for students and easy to use. To gain access to thousands of scholarship opportunities students are asked to make an account and answer a few questions that will help them get connected to different scholarships. 


In a College Webinar presentation hosted for juniors described the importance of scholarships. While there is a range of scholarships, students should take in count that scholarships are free and should not be paid for. “Scholarships are free. You should never pay anyone or any organization- that’s a scam” college counselor, Ms. Ostos said.

Scholarships are free. You should never pay anyone or any organization- that’s a scam

— Ms. Ostos

Another obstacle many juniors are facing due to the pandemic is not being to visit college campuses. The atmosphere and overall feel a campus provides can be very helpful when a student chooses what college they hope to attend and Campus Reel makes that possible without the need to leave the house. Campus Reel allows students to go on virtual tours and hear honest opinions from students attending the college.


Interested in learning which college is the right fit? Students can learn which colleges align with what is important to them with Corsava. By answering a few questions Corsava will generate a personalized list of colleges and provide additional information about the college journey. “Get your information by every means possible. It’s important to research the school; you don’t want to base your school based on popularity,” Ms. Ostos said.


With over 200 online information sessions, Strive Scan is hosting webinars to help juniors learn more about the college application process. Registration to the live sessions are free and soon recordings of past sessions will be posted on their websites for students to watch.