18 MACES Students Win $1000 Maywood Education Fair Scholarship


Emily Mojica

MACES SCHOLARS- Six of the 18 MACES Student winners of the scholarship are pictured above.

Emily Mojica, Managing Editor

The 11th annual Maywood Education Fair hosted by Cal State Fullerton’s graduate students made history as they hosted the first ever virtual event. In the closing ceremony, 35 students received the $1000 Maywood Education Fair Scholarship. 


This year Cal State Fullerton’s graduate students of the Masters in Science of Education program fundraised $35,000, the most money ever collected for the scholarship award. Of the 35 recipients, 18 students are from MACES with seven of those 18 students on Wolfpack Times staff.


The scholarship ceremony looked a little different this year with pre-recorded videos of the recipients reading an excerpt from their essays out loud. Every recipient was given a minute to share their future plans, career goals, and their inspirations for pursuing a college education. 


The scholarship ceremony closed with a message from Dr. Eugene Fujimoto and Cal State Fullerton students that thanked all attendees and acknowledged the people who made the event possible. 


2020 MACES Scholarship Recipients

Anahy Barajas

Andrea Arellano

Ashley Padilla

Wendy Caldera

Leslie Chang

Daniella Hernandez 

Leslie Quintana 

Rebecca Romero

Rodolfo Serrano

Emily Ibanez

Daniela Gonzalez  

Luisa Alvarez

Melany Renteria Salazar 

Luis Meza

Emily Castaneda

Melissa Ponce

Michelle Lopez

Kiana Tapia