Tik Tok Affecting Students Physical Activity


Ashley Padilla

GLUED TO THE SCREEN-Tik Tok has been affecting children all over the nation on their physical activities. Students should not have more than 2 hours of entertainment online. ” “I’m on Tik Tok for six hours, and yes I’m addicted but it doesn’t affect me as a student”, Rebecca Romero, a senior, said.

Ashley Padilla, Photography Editor

Tik Tok has affected kids during the pandemic and it continues. It’s a question a lot of parents have. Will this app continue to drain kids in physical activities? 


In the past six months of this global pandemic, Tik Tok has been a hit with kids of different age groups nationwide. This app that is now having a new national trend is causing effects on students. “I spend like fix hours on Tik Tok, but I’m not addicted,”  Nayelly Solis, a senior, said. Solis spends a lot of time on Tik Tok and feels that she is not addicted to the app.  


 “I’m on Tik Tok for six hours, and yes I’m addicted but it doesn’t affect me as a student”, Rebecca Romero, a senior, said. Both of these students use Tik Tok an excessive amount but still do physical activity, such as walking and ab workouts. Although the time they are doing physical activity does not compare to the hours on Tik Tok.


According to the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines, teens should only get two hours of recreational screen time a day.  Getting more than two hours of recreational time affects teens when sleeping. A study was made, teens who use two hours or less of recreation get eight or more hours of sleep with no disturbance. While teens that get more than two hours of recreational time get less sleep. Teens are spending more time on Tik Tok than getting some rest. 

Although Tik Tok has created a massive change amongst students, many students still limit themselves. “I use Tik Tok one hour a day,yea no I’m not addicted and of course I stay physically active. I play basketball every day.” Anthony Padilla, sixth-grader, said. There are many people like Padilla that do limit themselves to the amount.  So the question will remain unanswered.