4 Ways To Participate In The 2020 Election If You Can’t Vote


Ashley Padilla

VOTING ALTERNATIVES- If you are ineligible to vote in the upcoming election because you are not at least 18 years of age, there are still plenty of other ways you can support your favorite candidates leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, November 3rd. “I do talk to friends and family about voting since I am not of age yet,” Jimena Morales, a senior, said

Ashley Padilla , Photography Editor

If you’re ineligible to vote in the upcoming election, whether because you are not of age by Election Day, there are plenty of other ways you can support your favorite candidates leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3. 


  • Advertising voting registration locations 

“I Currently cant vote yet” Selena Moreno, a senior said

Due to the pandemic we are living in a world where we are not able to host events to promote voter registration. But there are many other ways due to technology. Like advertising on social media and promoting to family members. There are alot of social media posts from reliable sources that can be posted to promote voter registration. 


  • Discuss voting with family and friends

“I do talk to friends and family about voting since I am not of age yet” Jimena Morales, a senior said. If you know there are eligible voters in your family or your friend group who aren’t planning on voting, consider talking with them about why they should consider voting. Sometimes people don’t vote because they’re intimidated, they’re worried their vote won’t make a difference, or they don’t think the politicians on the ballot offer the sort of change they’d like to see. At the end of the day their vote can make a change. 


  • Show people how to vote

“ I don’t help my family because they already know how to do it, they actually teach me.” Jennifer Camarena, a senior said

There are many internet sources where people can learn how to vote, there are alot of step by step videos and websites. When sharing information make sure that the information is reliable. https://www.usa.gov/how-to-vote  and https://www.washingtonpost.com/elections/2020/how-to-vote/ are step by step websites where you can learn how to vote and it can be shared with friends and family. 


  •  Volunteer to be a poll worker, or drive friends or family members to a polling location.

Due to the pandemic , many poll workers can’t be at the polling stations especially those over age 61.  And if poll places can’t be staffed, they might have to close, which makes it all the more important for young people to turn out to be poll workers this year. You can volunteer to be a poll worker in your area by checking California’s requirements. Look at the California requirements to see if you have to be of age to vote to work at the polls. Once you’ve confirmed you’re eligible, you’ll need to contact your local election office, which you can find on USA.gov, to sign up.