Review: Travis Scott x PS5 Unboxing Reimagined


Emily Mojica

PS5 SELL OUT – Travis Scott is back with another collaboration as a new “strategic partner” for Sony and the PlayStation 5 console. Scott’s unboxing video streamed live on Youtube at 9 p.m. PST on Thursday, November 12th. “To be able to just make somebody smile on a…Friday… it’s a good Friday right now,” Scott said.

Emily Mojica, Managing Editor

Travis Scott is back with another collaboration following his Fortnite Virtual Concert and his McDonald’s meal. Scott and Cactus Jack are now working with Sony to promote an official unboxing video of the company’s newest Playstation 5 (PS5) console. The rapper had over 200,000 viewers at the live premiere hosted by Youtube.  


Scott’s Instagram account was disabled prior to the premiere date after cruel memes had spread on the platform about his Halloween costume. According to a source close to Scott, he did not disable the account because of the negative reactions to his costume but instead, to take a break from social media in order to focus on his family. However, he did recover his Instagram account in time for the premiere of his unboxing video. 


The video streamed live on Youtube at 9 p.m. PST on Thursday, November 12th. The video began with Scott sitting in a chair in the middle of a desert with a large television in front of him. He then throws a rock at the television and gets blasted back into the chair for a smooth transition to the graphics on the screen.

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A 360° view of the PS5 is followed by clips of gameplay and cinematic footage that is referred to as “the next generation of gaming.” Scott begins to play on the PS5 console and the video cuts to two teenage boys from Los Angeles, California.


 One of the cameramen asks the boys if they have any idea why they are being filmed and the boys respond with no. They are then encouraged to approach a matte brown van and their faces flood with excitement as they get closer to see a PS5 logo on the side door. 


They knock on the door and are shocked to see Travis Scott come out to personally deliver the PS5 console to them. The boys ask for a hug, take pictures, and even get to use the console with the rapper inside of the van. “To be able to just make somebody smile on a…Friday… it’s a good Friday right now,” Scott said.


The video transitions to performance sequences and starts off with English singer, James Blake, who was featured in Scott’s Astroworld Album on the track “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD.” 


The next sequence was a tribute to the late rapper and one of Scott’s friends, Pop Smoke, who unfortunately passed away this year. In the tribute, there are clips of Pop Smoke explaining his rapper name and singing to the track “Gatti” with Travis in his car. 


The last thirty seconds of the video showed Scott stepping into the television screen and entering the world of the new PS5


Following the release of the video, fans were able to enter a raffle for the PlayStation x Nike Dunk Lows on Scott’s website. Official merchandise was also released for the collaboration and fans can purchase anything from skate decks to posters. 


Since the release of the unboxing video, companies experienced a massive traffic surge on their websites which ultimately led to a quick sell out. However, websites such as Ebay were quick to begin the outrageous resales for the PS5, asking for more than double its original price. According to Forbes, Walmart’s ads leaked revealing a PS5 online-only restock for Black Friday.


 Watch the Travis Scott + Cactus Jack Experience – PS5: Unboxing Reimagined HERE!