The MACES Interact Club

A place where students come together to help our community


Daniella Hernandez

INTERACT GIVES BACK- The MACES Interact Club is creating Thanksgiving dinner food boxes for those in need. The food was collected through a canned food drive hosted by the club. “Many people, even in our own neighborhoods, face many hardships and we should try our best to help them in any way that we can, even if it’s just by giving them some of our time,” Anahy Barajas, senior Interactor said.

Leslie Quintana, Social Media Editor

Chartered in 2018, the MACES Interact Club is a community service club with a mission to help and serve both the school and the community. As the founding president of the club and social media editor for the Wolfpack Times, I can proudly say the club’s greatest accomplishment is expanding the clubultimately becoming the biggest club on campus today. 


Before joining, many students did not know how meaningful the experiences of Interact Club could be. It has become a place filled with happiness, passion, and teamwork.  “When I first heard about Interact, I knew right away that I wanted to join it. Interact was  one of the first service clubs at our school, and I really liked that it had students serve different communities,” Anahy Barajas, a senior Interactor, said. 


Some events Interact Club members participate include: volunteering at races, hosting food drives, volunteering at city clean-ups, attending Rotary Club events, and much more. “Being a part of Interact has taught me that we need to be more self-aware of the reality that others face in their everyday lives. Many people, even in our own neighborhoods, face many hardships, and we should try our best to help them in any way that we can, even if it’s just by giving them some of our time,” Barajas said. 


Interact does not only help the surrounding community but also contributes to international projects. “In general, I love being a part of the Interact Club because every time I volunteer, I feel a sense of purpose. I feel like I can be part of something big in an effort to help our communities. Overall, being a part of this club is truly a rewarding experience,” Lucia Langaney, a junior Interactor, said.  


In 2019, the MACES Interact Club won the “Interact Club of the Year” award for fundraising $660 to go towards Rotary International’s “Make It Rain for Water” project. The money raised went towards building a water well for a village in Honduras whose people  had to travel miles to access fresh water. 


The Interact Club also keeps its members quite occupied.  “….it gives me time to do something good rather than spending my time doing something bad,” Leia Gomez, a junior Interactor, said. 


Apart from spending  time volunteering, Interactors have gained unforgettable experiences with  others. “From my experience in the Interact Club, I made new friends, learned leadership and teamwork skills, and, overall, learned about the impact a small group of high school students can have on their community,” Langaney said. 


I think that the Interact club has helped me gain a variety of skills that range from leadership skills to interpersonal skills. I learned how to interact with others, while also being a leader among leaders,” Barajas said.


The Interact Club is a place where people practice the motto, “Service Above Self,” in hopes of becoming the best version of themselves they can become. “To me, the Interact motto ‘Service Above self’ means that the service we do as Interactors for our community is to serve our community, not for our self-benefit,” Langaney said.