Maywood Makeover: New Gym, Restaurants, & More


Emily Mojica

MAYWOOD MAKEOVER – The city of Maywood will soon be home to new white street signs and an outdoor gym. Maywood’s newest restaurant, Egg N Bird, is also now open for pick up orders.

Emily Mojica, Managing Editor



Say goodbye to the brown street signs in the city of Maywood and hello to new pearly white street signs. Thanks to contracted grant writers, zero money is coming from the city’s funds to pay for all the street sign replacements.


Additionally, Riverfront park will soon be home to an outdoor fitness court courtesy of the National Fitness Campaign. The National Fitness Campaign (NFC) was invented by Mitch Menaged, with a goal of inspiring healthy lifestyles. The outdoor fitness court will also be completely paid for by grants. Although shipments for the outdoor fitness court have arrived, there is not an expected date for the grand opening due to COVID-19. 


City Council


As of December 2020, Frank Garcia and Jessica Torres were sworn in as council members for the city of Maywood. Former council member Ricardo Lara is now Mayor and former Mayor Eddie De La Riva is now a council member. Additionally, former council member Heber Marquez is now Mayor Pro Tem. All city council meetings have been held virtually over Zoom and streamed live on Facebook.




Egg N Bird, Maywood’s newest restaurant, is now open for business. Egg N Bird opened its doors to customers on January 14 2021 and has received nothing but positive reviews.


The menu ranges from egg sandwiches to chicken sandwiches and even made-to-order chicken meals. Customers can also choose  from their variety of delicious made-from-scratch sauces when ordering takeout. 


With only a couple hours since the grand-opening, there were already many positive comments via Yelp. “Loved the ambience and wall art in this place! I ordered at the kiosk, and it was so easy. Tried the Avocado Egg sandwich and it was such a good value for money. The scrambled eggs were so fluffy and delicious and the sauce was the best part. Definitely will return for more in future,” a customer on Yelp said.


Egg N Bird Address: 

4469 E Slauson Ave, Maywood, CA 90270



Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm, Sun: 8am-10pm


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