Super Bowl Not So Party


Photo by Wiki Commons

SUPER BOWL XLIII- The Super bowl this year has some different circumstances because of the pandemic, not as many parties, gatherings, and more. This year it is mostly celebrating the day with family.

Mohamad Saleh, Reporter


The Super bowl is one of the most known events in the United States, this event is very important to Americans, hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, pizza, BBQ, etc. Family, friends, and neighbors all gather together to watch the last football game of the NFL season. One team goes home happy and ready to celebrate or go home upset and having to wait until next season to try to accomplish their goal again.


“I will spend the day with my immediate family,” Kenneth Lara, a senior said. Lara already has planned how he is going to spend the Sunday afternoon. Food, snacks, dessert, etc. “I’m going to spend the day with my family members,” Carlos Diaz, a senior said. Students are doing the right thing and social distancing from people who don’t live in their homes.


The Sunday will host arguably the best Football player of all time Tom Brady and the rising star of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after spending almost two decades in New England with the Patriots. Brady is also going up against the defending Super bowl Champs who are trying to go back-to-back. “I will not be hosting nor attending a party while Covid protocols are set, I will be spending the day with family members,” Hernan Moreno, a senior said.