Vaccines should be made mandatory


Destiny Juarez

VACCINATION FEAR- As vaccines begin to be administered, some people are deciding to opt-out of receiving it. Some people fear that it will infect them with coronavirus or are afraid of the side effects. However, in order to get out of this pandemic, a large number of the population must get fully vaccinated.“We should look to get rid of these viruses rather than spread them” Mr. Nolasco said.

Gustavo Morales, Online Editor

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic started and the vaccines are finally starting to roll-out for the general public. The question is: should the vaccine be optional?

The first group of people to receive the vaccine were healthcare workers and those who were in long term care within facilities. The second batch was distributed to those on the frontlines and those over 75-years-old. Soon enough, almost everyone will have access to the vaccine. Many people are going to want to instantly take it for themselves and the safety of the general public. However, not everyone has the same way of thinking. There are already people opposed to the vaccine. Despite this, vaccines should be made mandatory.

“When it comes to public health and the general care of everyone, vaccines should not be optional,” Mr. Nolasco, a world history teacher, said. The vaccine is not only meant to protect the individual who took it, but it’s also there to stop the spread to others, especially those who are vulnerable to the virus. In order to get through these unprecedented times, people need to step up and prioritize their health.

The risk and issues that COVID-19 has brought upon the world are huge and it has been a very serious matter for the past year. Although it is a very controversial topic, the vaccine should become mandatory— it’s the only way to put an end to the pandemic. After the mask mandate was implemented, there were many who, unfortunately, didn’t follow the mandate and this led to further increase of COVID cases. It got so bad that a second spike occurred, causing an all time high in cases. Even with the mandate, the situation has barely gotten better. Making vaccines mandatory is a step  in the right direction. 

“They should be mandatory for bigger cases like this pandemic,” said Matthew Barajas, a senior. For sicknesses like the flu, the vaccine is not mandatory because not many people die from the flu per year in comparison to COVID-19. The flu is a sickness that is very easy to catch, however, it is nowhere near as dangerous as COVID. 

The pandemic has made life completely different compared to the flu. It’s deterring people from going outside and has required those out in public to wear masks, so for these reasons the vaccine should be mandatory.