Phrases only some sports understand


Photo by Mohamad Saleh

A high school football game with one of the teams being MACES, which is taking place on a Friday night in Downtown Los Angeles.

Mohamad Saleh, Reporter

Phrases only some sports understand

In sports, there are certain phrases only some people will understand. Those who play basketball are unlikely to know what some phrases mean in football because they are two totally different sports—equipped with different styles of play, workouts, and people.


In basketball, there are a variety of terms—some sounding like snacks, others sounding like art. “The phrase ‘cookies’ is said after someone gets a steal and the phrase ‘paint’ is used in the colored-area, near the basket,” Kenneth Lara, a senior basketball player, said. 


Different sports make use of different phrases. “A maje… means ‘aye, you’ when calling someone in soccer,” Carlos Diaz, a senior soccer player, said. 


Football, the physically and mentally tough sport requires some tough phrases. “‘Championships are won at practice;’ this is said to [players by the coach]because most people… wait for the big game [to showcase their talents],”Ricardo Castillo, a senior football player, said.