Students at MACES can finally return to school, but it’s not the same.


Matthew Quintanilla, Reporter

After a long year of online school for many students around the world, this way of learning has finally started to conclude. After many stressful weeks of tech problems, stress at home, and low attendance, many students can now start going to school on campus. School on campus may not be perfect yet, but it will still get the job done. Going to school after a year because of a global pandemic isn’t easy though, as there will always be tough challenges to overcome. 

Students at MACES start on April 27, and students have different opinions on how school will be happening this year. Some might think school on campus is a great idea for students while others might think it’s too early. Freshman Ivanna Gamez believes it’s a great idea for her education. Gamez explained that hybrid learning was a great decision she made. “I think I get way more work done here than at home. I actually pay more attention at school and get all the work done at school. ” 

With students returning to school came a new schedule extending the school day. Some students strongly disagree with it while some preferred this one. “I personally like the schedule and I think there is nothing wrong with it,” Gamez said as she believes she can get more time to catch up on school work. 

MACES school year 2020 and 2021 have a lot of major differences. What’s different is that we stay in one class all day and do zoom classes. The lunch tables are one person per table. There are not as many people there and not much to do during lunch. The field isn’t open or the blacktops, the student store isn’t open either,” Gamez says she hopes that school can return to normal in the near future. Another difference that students are concerned about is their beloved “student store” that is no longer available for the students. Gamez says that if she could have one thing change it would be to have it open. 

Teachers and students have finally been reunited for a better learning experience after a long year of distance learning. This is a huge step in the process of going back to  normal lives. MACES Algebra Teacher Luis Franco said, “I’m actually excited, I’m hoping we see more on Monday for students to switch, I teach 9 through 11th grade, and it’s been great.” The only problem Mr. Franco has is the number of students he has. “ I would do it so some teachers have advisory on Tuesday Thursday while others don’t.”  MACES can just hope this is a great step in the right direction.