How students feel about the 2020-2021 School year

How students feel about the 2020-2021 School year

Anthony Marquez, Reporter


This interesting school year is finally ending. Although it wasn’t what students had expected, it does look hopeful now that vaccines and the school hybrid model are in effect. Some thought that students would have gone back to normal somewhere in the 2nd semester, although it is kind of true, it still didn’t meet the expectations of many students. 

Now it’s time to reflect on the various expectations some students had.¨This school year was definitely a rollercoaster,¨ says Victoria Garcia, a junior. Victoria expressed how she kind of had a ¨love-hate¨ relationship with how this school year went. ¨At first I thought online learning was fun, but as time went on, it had become so draining,¨ Garcia, a junior said. In addition, she says that she had a ¨lack of motivation these past few weeks¨. Since it is nearing the end of the semester, she just wants to get over it and get it done. Over time, her opinion about this school year has made a complete 180 as now she dislikes it compared to the beginning of the school year. ¨I´ll rate this school year a six out of ten, it wasn’t that bad but it could have gone better. Especially in the second semester,¨ Garcia, a junior, said. 

In a similar experience, a senior by the name of Dania Castro also shared how they felt about this riveting school year. ¨ It’s kind of sad to say but I expected the school year to be better, as we approach the second semester,¨ Castro, a senior said. While the second semester isn’t what we had expected, it is a step up to the first semester of the school year. In an additional comment, she said ¨ For the most part, this school year was alright, this semester was a little bit better but I wish it could have gone differently. I´ll give this school year a seven out of ten,¨ Castro, a senior said. 

Although the expectation of some students was not met in the second semester, some did get that expectation fulfilled. ¨I liked this school year, but the pressure was starting to get a little bit too much with my classes¨ Selena Moreno, a senior said. She describes how this semester is a little bit better than what she had expected. With the hybrid model in place, it does allow her and many other students to get the school experience they were used to before the pandemic. 

Although there are some changes, like limited classrooms and social distancing,  it is a nice change of scenery for those who are currently in the hybrid schedule. ¨Being on campus wasn’t actually that bad, it gave me that social life that I needed these past few months. I´ll give it an eight out of ten. Not perfect but it was better to me,¨ Moreno, a senior, said. It had met her expectations, in which she was surprised especially with how things are going currently with senior year basically being non-existent. 

This school year has many mixed opinions about whether it was good or not. Some would argue that it was bad to the point where we should just forget, some might argue that it was alright. But it all depends on how it personally went. There is no right or wrong answer to show feelings towards this school year. Take the students interviewed as an example, some said it was alright while others say it was decent enough, all of which is valid.

  As the school year ends, things are starting to look up, especially here in Los Angeles, where in-person school is finally allowed. The light is seen at the end of the tunnel, even though the journey may seem like forever, but it will come eventually.