Summer 2021: A New Beginning


Kimberly Sanchez

Overall, this year has been crazy and overwhelming for everyone. From being worried about what vaccine to get to concerns about when going on vacation would be safe again. Little by little, returning to our “normal” is becoming a reality; however, does this mean the summer of 2021 will be a new opportunity for normality or will this be the summer of 2020 all over again?

The summer of 2020 was filled with chaos. A new unknown virus causes many deaths amongst people. Stay-at-home orders were required and many of the programs MACES had to offer over the summer were now offered only online.

The summer of 2021 looks hopeful for “normality” this year. “I think the summer of 2021 will be a bit more enjoyable than last year since everything is opening back up and people have been getting vaccinated. Everyone is most likely going to be going out again,” Alondra Pompa, a sophomore, said.

Pompa also spoke about the fact that vaccines are rapidly being distributed, as that helped with the diminishment of COVID deaths. Luz Puebla, a mother of four said, “People are going to be desperate this summer and there will be a division between mask-wearing people and non-mask wearing people causing social tension.” This social tension could lead to protests and violence among the community.

With that being said, would students still be willing to wear a mask after the mask mandate is removed? “I think that I would only wear masks in crowded places but wherever there aren’t too many people I wouldn’t. I think as long as the cases of COVID stay low and the majority of people are vaccinated, we shouldn’t have to have mandatory masks,” Mariana Herrera, a freshman, said. In rebuttal Luke Dornath, a sophomore said, “I think as a society we are ready for the mask mandate to be removed. I’m a believer that if you have gotten your vaccine and show no symptoms, you shouldn’t need to wear a mask.” According to The LA Times, “California’s COVID-19 state of emergency order will remain in place beyond June 15, despite plans to fully reopen the state’s economy on that date, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday.” So, for now, masks should be worn until further notice.

Although this summer may be different compared to last year, we aren’t yet back to “normal.” It is important to stay safe by continuing to wear masks, social distance, and washing our hands regularly to put an end to Covid-19.