Midnight Train to MACES

Homecoming: Throwback to the 70s


Mauricio Flores, Photographer Editor

It has been two years since the last homecoming dance, and this year’s dance was a huge and successful homecoming. This is all due to the MACES leadership team. Creating and making this dance possible.

Katelyn Chacon, a senior and the ASB president had said of the difficulties of creating this dance, “Working with a new team was a struggle because this was our advisor’s first homecoming, our financial manager’s first homecoming, and also our board’s first homecoming.“ 

On top of not really having experience, “There were a lot of rules and regulations…we couldn’t have our dance indoors, so we had to figure out how to fill in a big area in the quad.” Chacon said. This was due to the regulations that were put due to covid. Even then, the dance was spectacular.

A juniorby the name of Camila Solis who attended the homecoming dance, had this to say about the dance, “My favorite things about the dance was how it was decorated and the spirit of the school. Everyone who went seemed to be having a good time. It was a very cool experience because of all the fun memories I made at the dance.”

Congratulations to the king and queen of the MACES homecoming 2021-2022, Adan Rodriguez and Emily Izeta. Adan Rodriguez is apart of the MACES football team and is also senior. Rodriguez had this to say about how he felt about winning king, “It felt good to win and I didn’t really expect to win.. I wanted to run against my friend and beat him this year.” He had previously ran for homecoming king during his sophomore year but didn’t win. “This years dance was a success because it was crazy packed at all times”, Rodriguez, the homecoming king, said Emily Izeta also had this to say about winning queen, “ It feels unbelievable, I didn’t expect to win, there were some amazing nominees but I just thought that this is my last year and I have to win.” She had ran for homecoming queen just for fun then it had taken it serious as she saw her names as one of the nominees. Izeta had to say this about the homecoming dance, “who would’ve thought over 400 students would be here at the dance”.  

This year’s homecoming was the first since coming backing from the pandemic and it was a great way to bring it back. Over 400 tickets were sold this year and considering all of the relegations, this year was a massive success.