Boys Basketball Tryouts


Jefferey Figueroa, Reporter

Boys basketball tryouts were held Wednesday, October 27. Students had basketball shoes ready and a fresh cold water bottle. Varsity players said, “Take this opportunity seriously. Don’t fool around.” 

Prior to basketball tryout students were unsure of who the coach would be. “I looked forward to basketball tryouts, but my concern and confusion [was] who will be hosting them, and who is the coach. Furthermore, I like playing it, and it is a sport that is fun for me. Yes, I do think it is fair that if you have put in the time and the hard work for this; you will definitely make it. There should always be a second chance, because what if they did good, but the coaches didn’t recognize them and spot [them]. My tips for fellow MACES students: try your best and play for yourself, no one else. You shouldn’t care who is watching, just play for the coaches and not anyone else,” Sebastian Godoy, a junior, said.

   Players hope to stay focused for this season of basketball and play hard to take the win home.  “I am excited about this upcoming season. I am hoping to make the team. Honestly, I think that tryouts are not fair and acceptable. The coaches would usually go for tall and experienced people and wouldn’t let people experience basketball for their first time. I like the game of basketball. I think it is really fun and enjoyable when playing with friends. Furthermore, I probably won’t try out due to not having the vaccine. I think that people should have a second try if they do not make it the first time. If you don’t make it, there will always be a second time for it. Play with your heart and play for yourself and don’t think you are being watched, just do what you do,” Albert Sandoval, a junior, said.

 “I would love to see people in the team who aren’t experienced. Everyone should have a chance. I am pretty confident and believe in myself. I do think it’s fair because people took the time and dedication for this, and for some people to join the team without hard work wouldn’t be fair. People should definitely have a second try because it gives them a chance to bounce back,” Omar Monroy, a junior, said.  He offers tips to those new players, “my tips are to keep putting in the work and show it on the courts.” I hope to see anyone that loves basketball at tryouts and always believe in yourself no matter what,”  Monroy said.