Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor

During the pandemic, many people did not celebrate Halloween because of the risk of catching covid, but this year students are given the opportunity to go to school and interact with people.

For many students this is an opportunity to make up for last year. Halloween is a holiday to express and show one’s favorite shows, movies, and books.

 Many people participated in spirit week and it was a good way to have fun while showing school spirit, dressing up in Halloween costumes is the thing many students look forward to. Wearing uniforms makes us feel like professionals, but sometimes it’s good to step out of that professional setting by wearing something that you feel comfortable with that expresses your creativity and who you are. 

 Many students thought that we might not reach our 90% goal of students vaccinated and those who are vaccinated simply did not upload their cards.The teachers were able to dress up during the week but the students almost did not get that chance. Many of the students expressed the fact that they were upset about almost not being able to dress.

Nevertheless, MACES staff did their best to motivate the students to upload their vaccine cards. Students were given rewards for uploading their vaccine cards to daily pass. Athletes at MACES are told that if they don’t upload their vaccine information, they would not be allowed to go to practice or play in any games. Vaccines were given at MACES to help those who didn’t have easy access to the vaccine.  It would be odd if this year we can’t show our Halloween spirit just because most students didn’t get the vaccine. 

With that being said, MACES’ efforts encouraged many students to upload their vaccination cards, before school, after school, and during lunch. There were even booths set up during lunch to help students who needed help uploading their vaccine cards.Thanks to the teachers and staff we were able to meet our goal.